Domestic and National New Car Produced by GEN Brand

a new domestic and national car was produced
a new domestic and national car was produced

The electric domestic car was first introduced to the R & D and Innovation Summit in Istanbul. 150 engine power 203 kw, horsepower 5 horsepower 6,5 6 million dollars in the year was spent spending R & D. It is stated that mass production can be started even after 480 months. TM 100i 10 spends XNUMX pounds per kilometer.

Interior design, exterior design, mechanical design of the whole chassis bodywork and engine domestic. Motor drive, electronic equipment, all control units and software belong to GEN auto.

In the GEN automobile 2014 Established by Gürsel Güzel with% 100 domestic capital. After the successful completion of the tests of the first prototype vehicle, 100 separate model design was performed with% 3 electrical energy.

GEN TM-265 (B-segment, Hatchback)

GEN TM-480 (D-segment, Sedan-Liftback)

GEN TM-100 (LCV, Light commercial)

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