CHP's Şevkin: "Corlu Train Accident Is Trying To Be Forgotten"

You're trying to forget the corpse train accident
You're trying to forget the corpse train accident

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy, Parliament, Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission Member, Geological Engineer, Geology. Müzeyyen Şevkin emphasized that the train crash disaster occurred on 8 July 2018 in Sarılar District of Tekirdağ, Çorlu District, although the months after the tragedy of tragedy occurred, the chain of negligence and the responsible ones were not disclosed to the public. Chamber of Geological Engineers Headquarters in coordination with the work carried out previously and the relevant Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament), who proposed the research of Dr. Şevkin, this time he prepared the proposal.

25 has lost his life, the accident caused by the 338 citizen injury caused by the report prepared by the CHP, as well as the media and reflected in the reports issued by some professional organizations in the reports of the accident "preventable reasons" was made in the direction of the assessment that stressed. Şevkin asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan to reply in writing and asked the following questions:

1- The train accident is also expressed in some reports about a side stream (Incirli Creek) overflowing to the Çorlu Stream flowing parallel to the railway track and passing through an underwater grill. Are the geological-geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys prepared in accordance with the engineering parameters in the railway route works, which are both constructed and ongoing in our country? Is the on-site controls of the projects carried out? Is there a control mechanism as in the building supervision system in the infrastructure works (Retaining, Deep Excavation etc.)?

2- In some edited reports N Flood that occurred on the day of the event (1.5 within hours) and with high rainfall (32.4 mm) Incirli Stream flowing into the stream with the dense mud that it has acquired, due to the height of the rain and the fine material it brings It is stated that the waters are spreading to the slope drainage as a barrier, spreading behind the infrastructure backfill, by the pressure of the water ponded behind the railroad, the road filling is eroded and the train rails are discharged. It is known that road fillings, which are built along the routes of highways and railways, in particular in the past occurrences of Çorlu train accident or similar, increase the risk of floods and cause fatal results. Are your ministry's views and experience in the relevant professional chambers applied to prevent these and similar disasters as a result of predictable engineering problems?

3- What are the reasons for the distribution of the sleepers in the area where the boiler takes place? Immediate dispersion of cross beams implies a quality problem? Which cross-sections in the line where the boiler occurred, the filling materials and their inspection were made by the companies?

4- Is the inspection, maintenance and repair of infrastructures and superstructures especially on road and railway routes carried out by the related professional disciplines Which institutions or companies have the road monitoring, maintenance, repair and inspection works on the train line where the boiler took place?

5 - Çorlu train accident route, 11.06.2018 / 2018 tender registration number “293539 dated 14. Railway Maintenance Department Halkalı Is it true that the tender of the Muratlu m Adana Culvert Maintenance and Stone Wall Works isi tender has been canceled on the date of 22.06.2018 ales since the allocation of necessary appropriations is delayed Murat?

6- What is the reason why the yol road guards mel who serve to inform the malfunctions, provide monitoring and control in the railway line routes, are excluded from the staff due to the privatizations and cost elements of the railways?

How much payment has been made to the contractors since the 7-Ankara-Istanbul high-speed rail project has not been carried out due to the lack of adequate geological-geotechnical research?

8-Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project has been increased? How much discovery has been made? What is the effect of not doing enough geological-geotechnical research in this increase?




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