Traffic Measures from Ankara Metropolitan to Pre-Schools

In order to keep pedestrian safety at the highest level, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has made a y speed cutter esi at the 417 point determined in front of the school this year. In line with the work done, 14 X pedestrian button signaling system m was installed in front of the school.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to take all measures for pedestrian safety while carrying out works to ensure a more comfortable traffic flow in the capital and a safe and enjoyable driving pleasure.

The Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, which takes the necessary precautions for traffic signs and signs, is carrying out all its activities at full speed in all the crossing points where both signaling and kasis applications are performed.

Last year, according to traffic density and flow rate cutter 170 point is made, this number has been increased to 417 this year, which gives information Mumtaz Durlanık Transportation Department, "in case of detection of the need for new speed cutting casings will continue to work," he said.

Durlanık, who stated that there are reflectors bands suitable for night vision of the Kasis, said that the application was carried out in front of the hospital and 14 said that a signaling system was installed in front of the school.

Durlanık the speed limits of the drivers, traffic signs and signaling systems in the case of compliance with the sensitive road users in the region will be provided to the maximum level of security Durlanık emphasized that pedestrians should be careful about this issue.

Mümtaz Durlanık, Head of Transportation Department, also stated that they carry out educational activities on social awareness and awareness.

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