Akçaray'da Rekor '' 41 Thousand 625 Passengers per Day ''

Transportation of the city by the Metropolitan Municipality kazanAkçaray continues to break records. Akçaray tram line, which is preferred by citizens for transportation, carried a record level of passengers last week. In the feasibility studies carried out before the tram line was built, the target number of daily passenger transport in 2020 was reached in its first year. A total of 41 thousand 625 passengers were transported in one day.

Akçaray, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Inc. by the General Directorate of 16 2017 in June began the test service. 1 The tram line, which started to pay passenger transportation in August, started to work with 120 voyages and average 14 passenger capacity per day. Increasing the number of passengers every day Akçaray, now 274 expeditions on an average day. The average number of passengers over the 35 bin Akcaray, last Thursday, carrying a record 41 thousand 625 passengers carried the record. Akçaray carried 14 million 10 thousand 136 people in the process of 561 monthly voyage about.

41 thousand daily passenger carrying capacity exceed Akçaray'da Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Inc.'s new goal 50 bin. Transportation Park Inc. General Manager Yasin Ozlu, the new to be put into operation SEKA Park-Beach line, the Yenişehir-City hospital line of the day after the number of passengers 100 bin said they target. Increasing the number of passengers and the first time you started the 15 a minute per minute Akçaray'un voyages according to the intensity of the 5 minutes goes down.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Inc. General Manager Yasin Ozlu said in a statement lü SEKA Park-Beachway began to be made new stage. After the 2,4 kilometer, which is expected to be completed by January and will be commissioned, the work of the line to the City Hospital and Stadium will begin. Due to the extension of the lines, we will add new tools to our vehicle number 12. I would like to thank all the people of Kocaeli Tüm.

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