3. 9 Bin Security Camera At The Airport!

3 which goes to the opening with discussions. At the airport turned out to be 9 bin security camera. Hurriyet writer Cengiz Semercioglu, 9 bin camera system around the airport fences, people, vehicles or animals 20 meter approached gave warned.

Semercioğlu's article published with the title of "The new airport 18 days before the opening ..." (October 12, 2018) is as follows:

I went to Istanbul's new airport on March 28, it was snow-winter and mud. After 6 months, I toured the airport again, this time with a group of 5 journalists. Here are my last impressions of the new airport 18 days before the opening ...

Airport Road

I left Cihangir at 09.25 in the morning and was at the airport at 10.05. As it was 6 months ago, the road took 40 minutes again. However, when the airport runs at full capacity, traffic will be jammed and the road will take longer. It is clear that we will have difficulties in the round trip until the summer of 2019, when the metro will open.

The first impression

As 6 journalists who have made great progress in 5 months but have stepped into the airport, our first reaction was, "How will this place grow in 18 days". Kadri Samsunlu, General Manager of İGA, who rented the airport for 25 years and made the construction, said, “It will be partially opened on 29 October.

We postponed the big move from Atatürk Airport until 31 December. ” As of October 29th, only one international flight will fly from here, including THY Ankara, İzmir, Antalya domestic and Baku.
There will be some kind of live test until 31 December.

Crash on ground

Kadri Samsunlu said that the collapse on the ground was caused by the construction of the metro…
This slump in the runway. He stated that the fill and drainage works on the runways are done at international standards and flight permits will not be given if they do not comply with international aviation standards.

Journalist group

In the group that visited the airport, the economy manager of three newspapers; We had Şeref Oğuz from Sabah, Ercan İnan from Vatan, İbrahim Acar from Yeni Şafak and Fatih Altaylı from Habertürk and I arrived. From 10.00 to 13.00, we visited everywhere from check-in counters to tapes, from aprons to main entrances.

There are 21 thousand in Istanbul, 9 thousand security cameras here

How is the security of such a place ensured? The first wall perimeter security radars…
The fence around the airport is warning when people, vehicles or animals are approaching the 20 meter.
Gendarmerie security points from the gendarmerie established at certain intervals to the point from the warning that is moving immediately.
The area around the airport is completely covered with fences and it is not possible for animals to enter the tracks.
And every point of the airport will be tracked with a total of 9 thousand security cameras. The number of MOBESE cameras in Istanbul is 21 thousand…

Don't go around a car 45

A different security has been developed within the airport. 8 has detected abnormal behavior. The cameras report this signal immediately to the security room.
Security also goes to the scene immediately. We called it "8 flaws".
For example, if there is someone walking around a car for more than 45 seconds, security is immediately reported, with the warning that there may be an abnormal situation ...
To leave the luggage unattended for 45 seconds, to wobble left and right, to fall over in these 8 flawed movements…

Condition of birds

Birds were on the road to migration, which was criticized in the new airport. That this is a dump in the area.
After the trash was cleaned, the bird population in the region moved away from here quickly, Kadri Samsunlu.

Complaints of workers

Kadri Samsunlu said very clearly that; “Unfortunately, the troubles came to me late.
It is not acceptable for workers to get wet in the rain.
Therefore, I apologized to the workers.
But then there were those who tried to exploit the incident. ”
All the problems like dormitory, bedbug, hygiene, disinfection are solved.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr


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