The Realization with 3th Airport

Journalist and Sözcü writer Çiğdem Toker wrote that the metro will not catch up at the 3rd Airport, which made its name known with the slaughter of workers and scandals.

In his article entitled "In the report of the Metropolitan Airport Court of Accounts", Toker said, "The metro line undertaken by Baybay Group with Şenbay Madencilik and Kolin is quite doubtful on 22 November 2019. If you say why, I would like to see the duration of the public transportation tender won by the bus company affiliated with İBB: 10 years. ” used expressions.

In the end, we found clear information on the issue that concerns millions.

As it is known, “the biggest airport in the world” is the biggest airport in the world, but it is opening on 29 October without subway transportation (more and less of it is paid for it).

Information related to millions is the completion time of the Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport metro line under construction.

That date was November 22, 2019.

When asked previously, the authorities do not provide information, the Court of Accounts auditors explain the documents.

The section in the TCA report auditing the accounts of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in 2017 is as follows:

Ir Considering that the construction date of the Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport metro line is 07.12.2016 and that the contract period is 1080 days from the date of delivery of the work, it is revealed that the projected end date of the work is 22.11.2019. "


As important as the clarification of this history, why the issue comes up in the audit of the Court of Accounts. That reason is the ”invited tender la method, which we frequently deal with, which is used frequently and irregularly to create doubt in transportation projects.

The Court of Accounts is seriously questioning the frequent application of the “tender method”, “21 / b”, which is a legal facility recognized by the public authority in the Public Procurement Law, to be applied in exceptional cases. Not only did he question, but the report also revealed the lack of persuasiveness of the ministry's responses on this matter.

For example, what extraordinary or unpredictable reason was there to hold according to the 21 / b of the Gayrettepe-New Airport metro tender? The question was answered as follows:

“… The demands of the administrations are at the forefront. (…) In the letter of DHMI General Directorate dated 15/06/2016 and numbered 59882; The metro connections to the airport are of great importance for the simultaneous service with the airport, both for the transportation of the passengers who will use the airport to the city center without any problems and for the lack of payment weakness in the income guarantees given by the government. ”


So we did payment according to 21 / b. Because DHMI, airport and metro should be put into service simultaneously, also 3. I guarantee income for the airport. Don't have a weakness of payment.

What did the Court say in this interesting response?

Istanbul New Airport contract date of the opening date of the submission of the metro contract has given side by side: one 1 November 2018, the other 22 November 2019.

And the ministry's response to its credibility is:
Yeni It is not possible to reach the opening date of the new airport of Istanbul at the date of delivery of the project planned for the construction of the Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport metro line. “

Result? The Court of Accounts wrote in its report that it was against the tender principles of the law to choose the bargaining procedure even though the conditions of the 21 / b explicitly did not occur to the Ministry of Transport.

On the other hand, it is quite doubtful that the metro line undertaken by Şenbay Mining and Kolin within the Bayburt Group will end on November 22, 2019.

If you say why, look at the duration of the public transportation tender won by İBB affiliated Bus Inc.: 10 years.

It will take longer than expected to reach Istanbul New Airport under civilized conditions.

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