Secret Postponement at the Opening of the 3rd Airport, Real Opening on December 31st

International Air Transport Association (IATA) by Turkey Liaison Office, according to information transmitted to the central IATA Airport on October 29, just in a new 'soft landing' to do.

AKP sözcüs and personally President Tayyip Erdogan, despite their denials, the information transmitted to IATA IATA Turkey Liaison Office from the center of Istanbul's New Airport marks the opening of the show will not go beyond 29 September.

IATA Government of Turkey Office of the Assistant Director Anthony van der Veldt source of the information transmitted by the Airports Administration (DHM) is a detail that attracts attention.


According to this, while the actual opening was held on December 30-31, the flight of THY on October 29 and the flights to be made on the domestic route of THY for at least one month will be limited to testing the new square. While THY is positioning 2 or 3 planes in the new square for this, it will complete the moving operations according to the operation that will start on December 30-31.

Another important detail that this calendar shift will be valid for other companies that will operate at the New Airport; Because it was a matter of debate before other airlines started their operations and THY carried out the move at a later stage.

IATA Turkey finally in informing the Liaison Office made the IATA center, this is taking place will discuss the details of the new calendar by performing a meeting on October 5 DHMİ with airline companies and service providers will be moved to the new challenge. Accordingly, it is recommended to stay on hold for issues such as slot and flight code transfer without official notifications from THY and DHMI.

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