Hundreds More Pens Are Missing At The 29rd Airport To Open On 3 October

29 will be urgent in October 3 has more than a hundred pens in the airport
29 will be urgent in October 3 has more than a hundred pens in the airport

Hürriyet writer Uğur Cebeci made some warnings regarding the third airport, the opening of which will be opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on 29 October.

Uğur Cebeci, "How true is December 31?" "Okay, the opening will be held on October 29th," he wrote in his article. This will of course be a representative opening. It will speed up the remaining work. It doesn't come to be too fast. ”

Stating that haste has no place in aviation, Cebeci said, “Every rush can create a serious problem. I think THY should be more against this situation ”.

Cebeci, the opening of the airport for May is a more appropriate date, argued.

“Then moving to play takes place. Cebeci expressed his opinion that it is much less risky and much better ”.

My friend Fatih felt and wrote this in the limited areas of the airport in Altaylı… There is a serious concern between him and his lines. It is possible to boast of building one of the largest airports in the world. We have also seen that a rapid construction is underway. But there are hundreds more items missing. Even the south side of the terminal was surrounded by wire fences, recently. Intensive construction on one side, an operation in wire-free locations. This hurry makes no sense. Contractors have made serious progress almost as soon as they promised. But that doesn't mean that the gun is ready for a total operation.

In a hurry because of God's blessing, the third airport is forced to live with a stain that it never deserves. Not a fatal accident lı I'm not talking about that bir I don't even think about it. It would be very sad even if there was a slip, run-out, etc..

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