Transportation in İzmir on October 29 1 Kuruş

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, just like last year, this year's 29 October Republic Day public transportation tariff "1 kurus" was determined as.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, in 95'inc anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, Monday, October 29 in order to facilitate the participation of the public transportation tariff celebration events will be held 'one penny' did. Acting upon the proposal of Mayor Kocaoğlu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made a unanimous decision, “If a decision is made in accordance with the Law No. 1 before the Eid, free tariff is applied in the public transportation vehicles of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; In the event that no decision regarding exemption is taken, the application of a 4736 kurus tariff on public transportation vehicles belonging to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to be valid on the day of the Republic Day was included.

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