16 Spent 500 Billion in Transportation, Infrastructure, Transportation and Communication

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “In the e-government, our number of users has reached 40 million, the number of our institutions is 473, and the number of our services has reached 3. We are working hard to provide all public services through e-government by the end of 864. ” said.

Turhan, "Great Turkey Target 2023 Summit" in his speech at the opening, pointing out that the target growth rate of the nation, said so folks to ride the target date determination factor is important.

Noting that every nation can not target, Turhan explained that the nations that have a claim, who have a word to say against the world, can not do without targets.

Turhan stated that the Turkish nation is a nation that has built a civilization, rooted in history, and shaped the history.

“Of course, our goal to be clamped will be our targets. Nothing more natural than this. However, we have not been able to set great goals for ourselves, our nation, and our state through long years of internal conflicts, excuses for saving the day and vicious cycles. Setting goals can not be a fee for every father. When our President came to power, he convinced everyone that we should build the future instead of saving the day, and then 2023 goals emerged. Undoubtedly, 2023, the centenary of our Republic, is not an ordinary date and target.

Our goal is to build an infrastructure to transport the centenary of the Republic, from energy to defense, culture, the arts, developed industry, developed and grown a Turkey. Our President has not only set a goal. He believed in this work, worked harder than anyone else, struggled, still does it. ”

Turhan, together with President Erdogan's team, has been struggling with historical challenges for 16 years, on the one hand, repelling regional and global attacks, on the one hand, declaring his internal and external traitors, as well as for the well-being of his nation and his country's development. said he dedicated his team.

"If we look at the last 3 centuries, you will witness that our nation has attracted so much attention, has been so much talked about and wondered for the first time after the National Struggle period." Mehmet Cahit Turhan said that it should be boasted and be grateful for.

Turhan pointed out that the AK Party governments have written history in 16 years and said, “No doubt that this 16-year success lies at the beginning of the global attack in recent weeks. Our nation is aware of everything with us. We trust our nation, and our nation trusts us. ” used expressions.

“195 million people use our airlines in a year”

Minister Turhan, transportation and communication sector, one of the most important driving forces in economic development by drawing attention to transport and communication, a society's life vessels, he said.

While setting the target of 2023, Turhan stated that they had taken this issue to the point of focus and found:

“Because when there is a disruption in transportation, transportation and communication, the economy is almost locked. After your infrastructure is not strong, you can not live healthy enough and it is not possible to produce. If there are problems in transportation, transportation, logistics, you cannot sell and market what you produce, you cannot integrate with the world. If there is a problem in communication, you cannot talk, you can not meet, you cannot follow the world.

Based on this idea, we have spent over 16 billion liras for transportation, infrastructure, transportation and communication in 500 years. Ported by an annual average of close to thousand 500 kilometers of divided highway in Turkey, 26 thousand 200 kilometers of divided road network. We broke new ground in aviation, and with our investments, we have become one of the fastest growing countries in aviation. Our airlines, which have been used by several million people until yesterday, use 195 million in a year. ”

In shipping, shipbuilding, IT and Turhan gave information to the participants about the work done in the communications sector, each fiber to the home infrastructure have begun to take steps to bring railways in the logistics Turkey reported the world that they were breaking the project will center and they continued to throw.

“Demand for transportation is projected to increase at least one more fold by 2023”

Turkey Turhan indicating a high-speed train with the world's 8th they do the country, by 2023 the demand for transportation in studies for at least another layer will increase in, and by 2050 he said predicted to grow by 4 times.

Minister Turhan, the Ministry, the expected expected to be met in a timely and superior quality of this demand by pointing out, said:

“When we reach 2023, we want to establish a system that has the infrastructure to meet all kinds of needs of our citizens in a safe, comfortable, economical and fast manner in all aspects of transportation and communication. As we know, we have come to power as a government by acting with herpes promises, goals that will not happen, goals that will not come true, not dreams.

We did not promise that we cannot, we will not. We still don't promise today. We, in Turkey, we can not carry the load loads Turkey's economy, we install today. We have never been a dream trader or a broker of hope, and we carry our country to the future with what we do. ”

“We aim to increase the length of the divided road to 36 kilometers.”

The Ministry, the Minister gave information about their work Turhan, Turkey aim to see the photos they said they clarify further in the future.

Turhan Referring to railway operations, 12 thousand 710 kilometers, the railway length of 25 thousand kilometers to the landing, however, the national high-speed train that produces itself, a Turkey said they are aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of the country with logistics centers.

Turhan, while the roads with divided highway, which make it functional and the corridor where new turn, with integrated road investment with other modes of transportation, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and, 1915 Bridge; Eurasia Tunnel, Osmangazi Bridge and highway will be reached one Turkey has completed the infrastructure She reported.

“By 2023, we aim to connect all our cities with split roads and increase the split road length to 36 kilometers.” Turhan said:

"The new airports, within 5 years, and of course the moment we are engaged in a host of Istanbul New Havalimanı'yl only regional not strengthened its global position, he had a say in the aerospace industry and even will be a Turkey that produces its own national satellites. By 2023, we will increase our number of airports from 55 to 65 and passenger numbers from 195 million to 350 million. Information and communication sector is one of the most important issues in our 2023 vision.

what we did last 16 years Turkey became a global player in the information age condition. Soon 5G is coming. We accelerated the infrastructure works. Currently, the number of our broadband subscribers has reached 71 million 800 thousand. In e-government, the number of users has reached 40 million, the number of our institutions is 473, and the number of our services has reached 3. We are working hard to provide all public services through e-government by the end of 864. By 2018, we plan to increase fixed broadband subscriber density from 2023 percent to 14 percent. We will increase the mobile broadband subscriber density from 30 percent to one hundred percent. ”

Turhan pointed out that the technology infrastructure will be enlarged nationally and nationally, and said that they pay particular attention to local and nationality.

Turhan, who also asked the private sector to put his hands under more stones, said, "All our efforts, all our efforts are for the well-being of our nation and the survival of our country." said.

After his speech, a plaque was presented to Minister Turhan for his participation.

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