107 Million Pounds Bridge and Lost Highway Income

Court of Auditors presented to the Assembly Highways thousand total 2017 107 822 million worth of illegal toll bridges and highways in 552 of the report, it was announced that loss.

According to the report, in 2017, from 138 million 815 thousand 635 automated access systems (OGS), 538 million 619 thousand 314 TL; Income from 319 million 524 thousand 34 Fast Pass System (HGS), 1 billion 229 million 416 thousand 735 TL, 1 billion 768 million 35 thousand 49 TL revenue was obtained. The auditors of the Court of Accounts said, "Income accrual related to the illegal passage of 107 million 822 thousand 552 TL has not been recorded and this is not included in the financial statements." In the report, it was stated that 2017 million 19 thousand 951 vehicles from HGS and OGS passed illegally in 310.

It was also emphasized that the investment allowances allocated to the Road Construction Department are used in expenditures that do not have an investment quality.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr



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