106 People Worked in Kardemir

Within the scope of the on-the-job training program signed between Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) and Karabük Labor and Employment Agency (İŞKUR) Provincial Directorate, 106 personnel started to work in the units where they will work.

Within the scope of the on-the-job training program signed between KARDEMİR and Karabük İŞKUR Directorate, 1 personnel who started work on 2018 on October 106, were sent to the units they will work in today after the orientation trainings.

In addition to the OHS Module trainings as of October 1, 2018; Today, Education and Culture with our new colleagues who completed their orientation training on Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Quality Management System, Information Security Management System, Energy Management System, Environmental Management System, Customer Satisfaction Management System, Kardemir Software Systems and distributed personal protective equipment materials. Collective photos were taken at the Center.

Ercüment Ünal, the general manager of the company, who wishes his new colleagues good luck; “I have complete belief that you will all take care of your business and make a sacrifice. Being devoted is another, being responsible for what is waiting for you in your home is another. There are economic crises in the world, you lose two years, but you make a profit in the third year, in all companies. You'll cover that two-year loss. We cover that two-year damage in a year, but when work accidents such as fatal work accidents and limb loss occur on the field, we cannot compensate for such situations.

All of you have a particular expertise, way of doing business, professional experience, but here are the rules and procedures that we focus heavily on. These rules are procedures that are developed based on the results of certain experiences. When I look at your qualifications, I have no worries about the benefit you will provide us. Some of you may have worked in such factories. But the subject that I focus on most is the rules. These rules are your roadmap. ” He warned them to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety.


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