Kocaeli Report from UEFA: "The Airport is Insufficient"

EURO 2024 candidate countries Turkey, which also showed the matches will be played in stadiums in Kocaeli, Turkey. In the UEFA report, there was insufficient information about the airport for Kocaeli.

Turkey EURO 2024 took place the phrase will put the troubles in the Evaluation Report. In a report released before the decision will be announced on September 27 negative assessments for Turkey's candidacy, more than positive. Especially transportation and accommodation are shown as the biggest problems. EURO 2024 candidate country Turkey, which had shown the matches will be played in Kocaeli in stadiums. The recently opened Kocaeli Stadium, took part in important state in Turkey. In the UEFA report for Turkey Kocaeli "Airport insufficient" for Turkey in the UEFA report on deficiencies in aldı.iş location information;

8 statta does not have a lack of security. 2 stat to be renewed was also assured. The stadium discharge time in the entire 10 stadium meets the criteria.

There is no railway in Trabzon and Antalya, it was promised to be completed before 2024. 11 hours by road between Trabzon and Gaziantep. Railway connections with European countries are not enough. In 4 cities (Konya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Kocaeli) airports are insufficient.

Accommodation opportunities are sufficient only in Istanbul and Antalya. Limited in Ankara, but not enough accommodation in all other provinces.

48 camp sites are planned. They all meet the standards. However, half of these are in Istanbul and Antalya. Transfers may be a problem considering the geographic distance.

Türk Telekom's infrastructure covers the whole country. She meets the criteria.

Access to 'fan zones' is limited in Bursa, Konya, Trabzon and Eskişehir.

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