Park's Attention Driver Saved the Kitten from Last Crush

Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli to 60 Evler-Umuttepe Serkan Kılıç's driver saved the kitten's life. The driver noticed the kitten who jumped into the middle of heavy traffic while driving in the Pazar Pazarı area. Kılıç took his own life in danger and caught the kitten in the middle of the road. Bringing the kitten to the safe area, Kılıç handed it over to a young girl traveling on her own bus.

Caught Cat Catch
While driving in the Pazar Pazarı area, the driver caught the attention of the Sword and hid among the vehicles by chance and hid in the barriers in the middle of the road. Realizing that the cat could be in danger of crushing, Kılıç took his cloak located in the torpedo part after stopping his vehicle safely and went to the cat in seconds despite the heavy traffic. Sword, who could not reach the cat in the first place, managed to catch the cat after a great struggle.

Sensitive chauffeur who risked his own life by racing over time, saved the cat from being crushed in a minute. Bringing the kitten to the safe area, Kılıç gave it to a young girl who was a passenger on her own bus. The young girl did not get on the bus again and left the kittens in a zone away from danger. Other passengers in the bus due to the sensitive behavior Serkan Kılıç thanked the driver. Some of the passengers are also available through social media. , he thanked the authorities on behalf of the driver.

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