Tram Doping for Passenger Transport in the Gulf

Konak intersected by tram, Karşıyaka and the number of passengers boarding from Bostanlı berths increased by 22 percent to 1 million 84 thousand in August.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which further strengthened its rail system investments with its approximately 450 million pound tram project, has also increased the interest in working vessels associated with this new transportation vehicle. In the last year, the people of Izmir have increased the number of trams by sea.

Mansion, Karşıyaka 2017 thousand and 885 thousand 391 thousand 2018 thousand people in August with the launch of tram services to the same piers.

By increasing the number of passengers by 27%, Konak became the pier that provided the most circulation. This rate is 21 percent in Bostanlı, Karşıyakaand 17 percent.

The total number of passengers carried by İZDENİZ from all piers in August 2018 exceeded 1 million 335 thousand. The total passenger growth rate in the first 8 months was 21 percent.

F.Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar is the 12.8 kilometer between Konak Tram and 18 stop. Karşıyaka 8.8 kilometers from Iskele to Mavisehir Karşıyaka The fact that the tram stops right in front of the ferry ports is shown as the most important factor in the increase of ferry passengers.

Modern and safe ships of Izmir
The modern ships operated by IZDENIZ, affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, attracted great admiration of Izmir residents in a short time with their comfort, equipment and environmentalist features. While 15 of the 13 cruise ships produced within the scope of the "Sea Transportation Development Project" were designed for inland gulf voyages, İhsan Alyanak and Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar ships were built in accordance with the High Speed ​​Boat (HSC) code. Both ships reaching a speed of 30 knots are capable of international voyage.

Ships can travel 400 miles without refueling. The vessels are made of 'carbon composite' material which is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, more durable, longer lasting and low operating costs, and has a capacity of 400 passengers and 4 wheelchair passengers. Ships with full electronic control system and maneuvering capability can dock and leave the piers in a very short time.

Its comfortable and ergonomic seats provide a wide seat distance. For the visually impaired passengers there is also a feelable surface and embossed warning and direction signs written in Braille alphabet where necessary. Another feature of the ships is the availability of 10 bicycle parking spaces and independent pet cages.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality offers comfortable transportation service with 3 passenger car ships with superior features added to its fleet within the scope of the "Sea Transportation Development Project".

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