IMM to School Supervision

Traffic teams of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the school service vehicles were closely monitored. Thousands of 846 service vehicles were examined in the inspections initiated throughout the province for the peace and security of the students and a report was made about the 67 driver.

2018-2019 year of the school year, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality school service vehicles closely followed. Every day, millions of students use the school service vehicles are checked for individual requirements.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Municipal Police Department of Traffic Police teams under the control of the school service tools by the order of President Mevlüt Uysal'in launched. To ensure that students can travel safely on school and home routes, inspections initiated to examine whether school service vehicles are in compliance with the requirements are continuing throughout the province. For this purpose, Traffic Police teams were deployed at the school routes. Teams, road trip permit in school services, whether the driver is registered in the system, the number of seat seats, seat belts, Alo 153 letter, where the tariff is visible, whether or not there is a glass crushing-nasty hammer, the presence of the non-smoking plate, the school The vehicle is auditing all necessary aspects for life and property safety, such as warning lights.

The 26 school service vehicle, which has been connected to 145 school, has been examined so far. As a result of the investigations, 846 school service vehicle driver, whose deficiencies were determined, was kept on the basis of the law numbered 67. The minutes were sent to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council for the necessary criminal proceedings.

In addition, the IMM, which was commissioned for the first time this year, offers the possibility of questioning service vehicles, service drivers and service charges via the internet. Parents, learn all about the services and service transportation fees. With the 'REGISTERED SHOCKER INQUIRY ebil, the driver will be able to find out if the driver is registered in the system. If the driver is registered in the system; The phrase Yap Service is suitable for driving in transport of will appear on the screen. In addition, the distance from home to school can be calculated and how much is the service charge.

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