Ticket Prices Fly at Istanbul New Airport Before Flights

Those who wanted to participate in the first flight of THY from Istanbul New Airport sold out tickets. On October 31, the flight prices for Istanbul-Ankara flights also exceeded the ceiling price.

According to the news on the AirportHaber site, the new airport in Istanbul, the construction of the new airport, at the end of the two-day carriage process 31 October 14: 00'da will begin operations with the first flight. Turkish Airlines' domestic flights to Istanbul-Ankara flights to begin with the expedition, Ataturk Airport departs from the internet and call center to continue to sell while the interest in the voyages came to extraordinary size.

THY'nin 31 October on Wednesday afternoon to the Istanbul-Ankara flights to the interest rates were also thrown.

THY General Director Bilal Ekşi announced that the Istanbul-Ankara expedition will be held at 14.00 at the time, but the timetable was not yet shown in the tariff. It was learned that the tickets were about to run out on 12, 30, 13, 00, 15 and 00: 16.


According to information from AirportHaber, the sale is still on 12: 30 time, only a few promotional class tickets and 192 13 00 15 00 16 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX in other classes as well as a limited number of tickets remained.

The remaining tickets are still sold at 352 TL with a price higher than the 372 TL, including the tax on the ceiling.

As it is known, THY will make its first flight to Ankara and Baku on the international flights in October.

Source : I www.airporthaber.co 

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