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Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turan's CHP Murat Emir's response to the question of a significant truth revealed. 2 a month before the death of the tragedy of the tragedy of the 25 people were provided funding from the EU for the project, but the project was not prepared.

CHP orders, the then Minister Turhan disaster "within the scope of the Fourth Corridor project in Turkey for Kapıkule - Halkalı Is it true that the 680 million Euro grant funding for the renewal of the train line? If so, when was this grant made? If a project has not yet been made, the grant has been spent Eğer.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan CHP Murat Emir 's response to the question of the response, 2 a month ago, the tragedy of the tragedy where the death of one of the 25 Halkalı - Kapitan Andreevo railway project for the EU in 2008, a total of 574.3 million euros of funds allocated by the approximately 278 million euros in the project, but Turkey's feasibility study and benefits in 10 years time - was revealed failed to submit appropriate projects in terms of cost.

According to the newspaper Cumhuriyet, the project, which was revised at 2009, was sent to the European Commission on 8 July 2018 on the day of the accident. Emir, acak If the right project was prepared, there would be no disaster in Çorlu. Unfortunately, the 9 has been paid by 24 for the price of the ministry's failure to provide a proper project preparation. Ne

Minister: Does not reflect the truth

Turhan, in response to the Emir's written proposal, the European Commission 2007 - 2013 budgeting for Pre-Accession with period-Accession Assistance (IPA) under the mechanism called the first time that they allocate grant qualified fund transport infrastructure projects in Turkey, for the period He stated that the total grant fund amount allocated was 574.3 million Euros. Turhan, Turkey for Kapıkule - Halkalı he said that the claim that he has allocated 680 million Euros for renewal of the train line does not reflect the reality.

'The appropriate project could not be submitted'

Evaluating the information given by Turhan, Emir emphasized that the reason for not accepting the project is not the global crisis and that the only reason for the suspension of the project is to prepare an appropriate and efficient project. Emir expressed the following: s If the Ministry of Transport could revise its project by taking the warnings of the EU into consideration, the resources could be transferred. In the response of the Ministry, Halkalı - If Kapikule claims that the project was suspended due to the global crisis, why 477.1 million Euros was transferred to other lines in the same period? The reason for the cancellation of the Ministry does not match the facts. If the project, which was suspended by the European Commission in 2009, was presented with a comprehensive revision 9 years later, exactly on July 8, 2018, when the train crash happened, it is nothing more than a cunning. ”

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