Kocamaz: Mersin Metro Project Completed

myrtle metro line
myrtle metro line

📩 19/12/2019 19:50

Kocamaz: Mersin Metro Project is Under Completion: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz attended the information meeting held at Mersin Industrialists and Business People's Association (MESİAD). Kocamaz, who came together with business people at the information meeting held in MESİAD Erhan Deniz Conference Hall, made a presentation about the services of the Metropolitan Municipality. Answering the questions of Mersin business world at this meeting, Kocamaz exchanged ideas with business people.

Hasan Engin, President of Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen Association said, “Mersin is all of us. As MESİAD, we protect Mersin and its projects. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has made many contributions to us. We are going to ask our president today about those who are curious about Mersin, which is on the agenda of the city.

MESİAD leads many projects

Noting that MESİAD is an important institution for Mersin and that it is made up of people who make a significant contribution to Mersin's economy, Kocamaz said, “It is one of the organizations that direct Mersin's economy. It is important for Mersin that it is an organization that has been communicating the problems of the city to the relevant people without bending and twisting since the past, especially since it is an independent, unconnected non-governmental organization. Today, it is also important for us to be together in a meeting about Mersin's problems and future. ”

We could not reach the desired point for the solution of problems

Stating that Mersin is a private city and that Mersin has not reached the point they want to solve their problems, Kocamaz noted that they have to serve 13 districts and they are working to find solutions to problems without making a distinction between rural and central. Expressing that they frequently meet with non-governmental organizations and muhtars regarding the zoning plans that will solve the problems of Mersin to a great extent, Kocamaz said, “Before the 1/5 thousand plans, 1/100 thousand plans were hastily taken to the ministry. However, this plan was not a plan to open Mersin. As soon as we took office, we took over these problems. We tender 1/100 thousand plans immediately. As a result of a long process, this plan passed through parliament and was submitted for the approval of the ministry. The ministry also agreed after very minor changes were made. After that, we started working on the main 1/5 thousand plans. In addition, we initiated the Transportation Master Plan studies. This plan has been plotted before and completed in 10 months. After we took office, we discussed this plan and tender it again. As a result of long negotiations, this plan was completed and the decision to make a light rail system was made. ”

Mersin Metro project is about to be completed

Sharing the project details of the Mersin subway, which is one of the most important and big projects that it will bring to Mersin, Kocamaz said, “Havaray passed our hearts, but it was not allowed. Later, the ministry decided that it would be better to enter the underground in certain regions. The project was reconsidered. The project is about to be completed now. This project is now being made to be all metro. All planned to go underground. We have problems with the port. Its capacity is used over a hundred percent. In addition to this, while we could not digest the issue related to the nuclear power plant in Mersin, there was also a problem of fish farms. ”

Mersin is a center of agriculture, history, culture and industry, and with each passing day, they are faced with some problems and expressed that they have encountered some problems. Olm We have problems with the port. Its capacity is over one hundred percent. Besides, while we were not able to digest the nuclear power plant issue in Mersin, the problem of fish farms emerged. On behalf of the people of Mersin, we are obliged to protect the interests of Mersin. Sometimes we don't like what we say, but we have to defend and protect this city and the future of this city. We're working hard in it. We're fighting but up to somewhere. With these new laws, municipalities' function was reduced to almost zero. All ministries in the city can make decisions without ever asking you. We're really hard. We are running on the obstacle arising from so many laws as if we are racing. Biz

Answering the question about the 2nd Ring Road - Organized Industrial Zone connection, which is wondered by business people and especially expected by industrialists, Mayor Kocamaz said, “When I was the Mayor of Tarsus, we said that such a road should be opened to reveal these regions. We will both relax the D-400 highway and provide the OSB connection. This was spoken at that time. This is the first time that we have processed this into 1/100 thousand plans, and we asked Mr. Minister to help us. They said to us, 'You do your expropriation and we will do this way. Of course, it is not possible for us to make this expropriation as a municipality. However, we need to do this with 18 applications. But in order for us to do 18 applications, we need to give certain zoning to the people in that region on both sides of that road so that we can take those places with the application. We put this in the zoning plan, but in order to implement the zoning plan, we had to get opinions from nearly 90 institutions. The most important of these is DSI and Ministry of Agriculture. These two hinders quite a lot. Despite everything, we accepted some conditions. Because work is delayed. We said we should make 1/5 thousand plans step by step. Let's take the first zone up to the Free Zone Highway Junction. We said to take the east side as the second region. At the moment, places related to agriculture have been identified by the west. On the west side, the job has come to a certain place. But the ministry's views on the east side have not yet been released. Our talks about him continue. ”

Responding to the questions asked about Denizpark's recent situation and listening to the suggestions about the facility that can be made to replace Denizpark, President Kocamaz said, ulan Denizpark was demolished by a court decision. Well, we pushed her to keep it that way. We insisted on the Council of State and the relevant ministry many times. It was destroyed. We have prepared a project for that region. We didn't find it. I'm very uncomfortable with your position today. At least we said we should make a project where people can come in and out. In addition, we wanted to build a cruise port in the projects we prepared. I got approval from him from the ministry. Last week they made a project introduction meeting. A meeting was held on the EIA. In other words, the front was opened.

Map of Mersin Metro

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