TCDD Published a Level Crossing Animation

tcdd level crossing animation released
tcdd level crossing animation released

TCDD continues to prepare information animations for railway users. Previously added to the dangers of the catenary and not to throw stones to trains, a new one has been added to the animations. The scenario of this new animation is one of the misbehavior on barrier level crossings, and there are dangers that can be experienced in crossovers from crossings that come to the fore in many accidents.

railway level crossings before any other way to do that is subsequently opened in Turkey. These passages Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) which does not belong to belong to local governments and other public institutions. It does not include level crossings by making over and underpasses in new lines.

In the level crossings, according to the current legislation, the train which has the advantage of crossing is not on the way of anyone and does not cause an accident. However, due to carelessness and violation of the rules, the collision of each vehicle with the train is reflected as a train accident, which deeply hurt and hurt the railway community.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways management of level crossing accidents to withdraw to the international standards, carries out a number of projects to raise awareness of road awareness drive, level crossings without barriers are rearranged in accordance with the standard. Nevertheless, even though it is a barrier, the old habits of the gate arms by breaking the 's' by drawing the unfortunate drivers are in front of the train.

In order to prevent such events and to raise awareness in level crossing accidents, TCDD published an animation on the theme of eye zig zag in Railway Level Crossings eye. We hope that efforts to raise awareness in preventing accidents will help to minimize accidents in level crossings.

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