Cableway Project to Sera Lake

Akçaabat Mayor Şefik Türkmen held a press conference on “Greenhouse Lake Valley Tourism Project” in Akçaabat Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Directorate Meeting Hall.

Trabzon and Akçaabat press, as well as the members of the Council attended the press conference.

Speaking at the press conference, President Türkmen stated that tourism concentrated in the coastal region of Akçaabat should be developed towards the mountains and plateaus. In the President Turkmen statement; “It is a tourism priority sector for our region. With the development of tourism, it is possible to provide job opportunities for the youth of our region in a short time.

From our coasts to the south, our green hillsides, mountains, plateaus, natural beauties, historical sites are our biggest values ​​for tourism. Akcaabat has come to the fore in the food and beverage sector.

In recent years, our district has become one of the important places of regional tourism. In Akçaabat, various activities are carried out by the Municipality for the development and diversification of tourism. Akçaabat's coastal region is concentrated in the development of tourism towards the mountains and highlands. Within this scope, one of the important tourist routes starting from the coast to the mountains and highlands; Our star district is the tourism route that reaches from Sera Lake to Ayana Hill, then from Sırt area, Uçarsu Waterfall, Taşlıoba and Büyük Oba plateaus, reaching to Kayabaşı Plateau, Düzköy Plateau and Beypınarı Plateau.

Here, we would like to talk about the planning of the Sera Valley Tourism Project, which extends from the coastal coast of Ayana to the Ayana Hill.

This region is located on the border of Akçaabat and Ortahisar (Trabzon Merkez) districts; very close to both settlements. The City Hospital, which will be built to the Akyazı Coast adjacent to the beginning of the Tourism Route, is a very important investment for our region and will also serve as a facility for Health Tourism. It will make important contributions to the development of tourism in our region. The facilities of the Regional Directorate of Highways on the eastern edge of Sera Creek can be converted into accommodation facilities prospectively. The Regional Directorate of Highways can be moved to a suitable location in the Söğütlü Valley.

The coastline of the Regional Directorate of Highways is the closest natural shore and beach property to the center of Trabzon. This area should be evaluated for beach and sport activities. In this region, sewage discharge, treatment plant and similar use and facilities that will disturb the image should not be made which will prevent our people from benefiting from the beach and sea.

The area between the highways facilities and the City Hospital is considered as a park and recreation area. The presence of such a park adjacent to the City Hospital, which can serve guests from neighboring countries and Gulf countries, will add significant beauty and value. It is not suitable for light rail systems such as repair-maintenance hangars and warehouses. The coastal area in front of the park will be able to function as social areas, walking paths and fishing shelter within the scope of the recreation project.

On the west side of Sera Creek, the Military Army House Project is planned, construction permits have been taken, and construction is expected to start in the near future. It can be used for tourism purposes such as accommodation between Ordu House and Sera Creek.

Sera Lake serves as a dam that regulates the river. The regime of the creek between the coast and the Sera Lake has become regular and hence the floods and damages that may occur as a result of heavy rains are protected. The part of the valley from the coast to the Sera Lake can be arranged and made into an important tourism area. With the arrangements to be made across the stream, accommodation facilities, social units and sportive areas can be created. By renewing the existing settlements, the green lands will be increased and the natural landscape of the region can be rebuilt.

Sera Lake, which stands out with its natural beauties after Uzungöl of Trabzon, has become one of the stops of the region in terms of its unique view and ease of transportation. People from the Gulf countries along with the people of our region like this place very much. Further arrangements can be made more comprehensive.

From the eastern edge of the lake passes the Derecik highway. From the entrance of the lake, a tunnel parallel to the road can be constructed and the road can be converted into a recreational area. Such an application will increase the attractiveness of the lake and relax its use.


Ayana Hill, located at an altitude of about 5 m, is a natural looking terrace on the slopes of Sera Lake. Our Municipality, Ayana Hill, walking and cycling routes, mountain range, picnic and camping areas, cruise terraces, arrangements for orienteering sport and touristic facilities are continuing planning work. It was allocated to our Municipality with the approval of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Prime Ministry.

In our study, two alternative ropeway lines have been proposed from Sera Lake to Ayana Hill. One of the alternatives is 1.6 km long and the other one is 3.2 km long.

If the facilities and arrangements foreseen with the Greenhouse Valley Project are made, it will make a great contribution to the development of tourism in Trabzon and Akçaabat. Ler He used the statements.



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