Trolleybus Stops Made in Şanlıurfa, Disabled People Forgotten!

The stops within the scope of Trolleybus Project realized by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality were not suitable for parents with disabilities and babies. The municipality was asked to prevent this victimization before the project was put into operation. Authorities acted immediately.

The trolleybus period was launched in Şanlıurfa to facilitate transportation.

Within the scope of the project carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, expansion works and stops were made on the roads. The pauses were almost frustrated for disabled citizens and parents who used a stroller. Tolls were not suitable for the passage of wheelchairs and baby carriages.

The authorities were asked to make arrangements before the project was put into service.

After the reactions, the contractor company acted immediately. The current handicap is in transition but 85 cm. replace 30 cm. it was learned that the transition of disabled people to all 15 stations will be rebuilt after the transition.


The trolleybus project with the length of the 7 kilometer line planned to be built in Sanliurfa; 63 will work on the line no.

The system which will serve with the capacity of 200 people, is designed according to the current 34 thousand 500 and 2030 thousand passengers in 61.

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