Sakarya MTB Cup Cut The Breath

International Mountain Bike Championship The first day of the Sakarya MTB Cup was held in the Sunflower Bicycle Valley with the participation of 30 country and more than 150 athletes. Russian cyclist Timofei Ivanov, who competed in the Elite Men category, won the gold medal; Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Belediyespor'un athlete Anton Sintsov won the bronze medal. In the Young Men category, the winner was Büyükşehir Belediyespor Cycling Team athlete Halil İbrahim Doğan.

Sakarya MTB Cup, which was hosted by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality under the auspices of the Presidency of the Presidency of Sakarya, started in the Sunflower Bike Valley with the theme 'Pedal for a Clean World'. Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu doing the start of the races; Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, AK Party Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, Kenan Sofuoğlu, AK Party Provincial Chairman Fevzi Kılıç, Bicycle Federation President Erol Küçükbakırcı, cyclists and many viewers took part. Starting in Elite Women category, the races continued with Young Men, Young Women and Elite Men races.

Young men in tribune of metropolitan
Blaza Pıntaric from Slovenia won the title in Elite Women category. In the category of Young Men, the award was made by Halcano İbrahim Doğan, an athlete from Salcano Sakarya Büyükşehir Belediyespor Cycling Team. Okan Aydoğan got the 3 in the Young Men. After the race, Halil İbrahim Doğan said, Yar I would like to thank those who contributed to the organization. A fast course. We have big goals in 2019 X. Okan Aydoğan thanked the facility and congratulated all the contestants. Young women in the category of the champion was single.

Great excitement in Elite Men
President Zeki Toçoğlu'nun start and live in the 150 country Sakarya MTB Cup Elite Men race stopped the breath. Following the races of the 6 stage, Timofei Ivanov was the owner of the gold medal. Mayor Zeki Toçoglu won the silver medal by Martins Blums; the bronze medal is owned by Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Belediyespor athlete Anton Sintsov. After the award ceremony, a water well was opened in 15 to reach a thousand people.

Great track
After the championship champion Timofei Ivanov won the championship, he expressed his happiness and said: i I thank those who invited us here. A great course, a great organization. I found it very good and thank you very much. Çok

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