President Steel, General Hulusi Akar Boulevard Found in Investigations

Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri traffic will bring significant relief to the General Hulusi Akar Boulevard found. President Steel, Hulusi Akar Boulevard in a rapid manufacturing with the new techniques, they said they had done.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard and the entrance and exit of the boulevard will be opened to traffic in a short time said the underpasses. 14 will be kilometers Hulusi Akar Boulevard Mustafa Kemal Pasha Boulevard from Malatya Road, expressing continued until the President Steel, "a section of the boulevard is passing the rail system line. We worked very fast here. What was important was the zoning regulations on the ground and the property problem. We followed a very fast way to resolve this issue. We have prioritized the agreement with the property owners. If we go through legal means, we have finished a five-year work on 3. On the boulevard, we also used new construction techniques, such as the new mold system we call the rock form system. A one-month-old manufacturing system ended in a day. It is possible to proceed rapidly when the new manufacturing system uses the new production methods. Yeni

He said that they worked very fast on the General Hulusi Akar Boulevard, because the boulevard would be an important alternative route. President Steel, underpasses in the production is completed and 1 will make the sub-passages ready to use in the week, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, General Hulusi Akar Boulevard during the investigations on the opportunity to make an important statement for investors. Stating that the valuable land belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality next to the former Special Administrative Building has been put on sale, Mayor Çelik said, ğ Three very valuable parcels here will be sold by tender as of Wednesday. Commercial + residential plots where there is the possibility to make work places, 12 apartments are available. I invite investors to the tender of these parcels. Landslides near the rail system will not be captured again, Ray he said.

Mayor of Steel, General Hulusi Akar Boulevard Farabi Street, connecting the martyr Major General Aydogan Aydın Katlı Junction took information about the work.



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