Endless Maintenance on Pınarbaşı Aytepe Cable Car Line

pinarbasi aytepe cable car
pinarbasi aytepe cable car

Pınarbaşı Aytepe Cable Car Line, which was built by Aydın Municipality in 2009 by spending approximately 3 million liras and currently under the control of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, cannot be used due to the endless maintenance for months. On the idle cable car line, the words 'cable car line is in maintenance' can not go beyond distracting the citizen.

Özlem Frameioğlu, who has been the chairman of Aydın Municipality and then Aydın Metropolitan Municipality for about 10 years, but has not looked back on the huge services in neighboring provinces, continues to infect the services under his control. The Metropolitan Municipality, which cannot even operate the Pınarbaşı Aytepe Cable Car Line, which is 563 meters long, is leaving its investments to the fate with the phrase 'we are in maintenance'. Although some information letters were posted to the facility by using the words 'The cable car facilities are closed for a while due to maintenance', it was learned that no maintenance work related to the cable car has been carried out recently.

The facilities that have been abandoned to their fate and are almost in the dust soil also spoil their hearts with their idle status.


While the 500-meter Denizli-Bağbaşı Plateau Cable Car Line built by the Metropolitan Municipality in neighboring province Denizli, tourism is revived in both summer and winter months, local tourists are attracted to the city, and even the 563 meter cable car line cannot be operated in Aydın. Qualified as 'incompetent' by the citizens, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality is reacting because it cannot control even the services it has.


In particular, the university students used to go to Aytepe the cable car has not worked for a long time, the citizens were victimized. Citizens who want to go to Aytepe from Pinarbasi have to climb about five hundred steps in summer.


On the other hand, some municipal employees working around the Cable Car Line asked citizens who ask “Why the cable car line is closed”, “The municipality has no money, it will work if you help. This place has been in maintenance for 3 years, they are thinking of running it in 2021 ”and it gave surprise answers.

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