Nü Tablo in Istanbul Metro

📩 13/05/2019 08:21

Istanbul Metro Security and Police did not allow the artist of the exhibition, Özgürcan Taşçı, to carry the work of the İstanbear Festival. I Improper content, ıyla said the security officer Tasci'i forced to cover his work with newspaper paper.

LGBTI + activist and artist Özgürcan Taşçı's work of performance artist Enes Ka was censored by metro security while being taken to the exhibition to be held in the scope of the İstanbear Fest.

Taşçı told KaosGL.org of the event:
Security: kadın Is it male or female in this picture? Güvenlik

“To go to the exhibition opening on September 3 KadıköyI got out of my house in Istanbul and got on Marmaray. I was worried about the reaction of the passengers because of the painting nudes, but I did not have any problems in Marmaray except for a few looks. Then I went through the turnstiles to get on the Yenikapı-Hacıosman subway. After passing through the turnstiles, two police officers came to me and wanted to look at my picture. So I asked them why they want to look and I said I don't want to show. After some insistence, I continued on my way. Then, when I approached the escalators, this time the private security guard came to me and said that he wanted to see the picture. After seeing the picture, he said that he could not let me get on the subway with this picture. When I asked why, he stated that this is "inappropriate content". Although I said that my painting was not inappropriate content, it was a work of art and I tried to catch up with the exhibition, the security that spoke to me did not allow me to get on the metro. He asked me to close the official newspaper or something else to get on the subway. After discussing it for a while, I agreed to close the picture with newspaper paper and asked for newspaper paper because I was the only one and panicked. This time he kept on distracting me with words like “we will find him too”. After distracting for a while, he led me to a room where I had to cover my picture with newspaper paper. As if it was not enough to close my picture, I was subjected to the harassment of the subway security officers with questions such as 'is this woman or man in this picture?' ”

Indicating that the event is not individual, continuation of the attacks resulting from conservatism and the continuation of social life intervention Tasci, such events, artists are concerned, but many artists increased production and fighting fears, he added. He reminded that in a society where daily life is equipped with so many restrictions, especially the queer artists are trying to produce quir art, every stage of their production is actually a part of their struggle.

Source : http://www.kaosgl.org

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