2018-2019 School Bus Fees Have Been Determined in Muğla

School shuttle fees for the 2018-2019 academic year were determined after the exchange of views with the Heads of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Drivers of the Provincial Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME). With the latest arrangement, the obligation to post price tariffs on the vehicle was imposed.

According to the statement made by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, X At the meeting of the UKOME on Muğla Province on 12.09.2017, the opinions and suggestions of the Chauffeur and Automobile Chamber Presidents in the province were organized and the price tariff of the school service vehicles was arranged in 2018-2019 education period. With a more reasonable and feasible fee than the service fees set as high as 29 in our country, we have determined a price tariff that will not be a disadvantage for our service operators and will not force our parents' budget. In transporting our children to educational institutions, quality, safe and cost-effective service transport is important, fuel, labor, maintenance, insurance and so on. According to the criteria taken into account the price update has been made göz said.

Inin Price tariffs were imposed on the vehicle “

It is noted that the updated new price descriptions are in the form of a ceiling fee. For this reason, our school service vehicle operators and the parents of our students act according to the decision of the board, in case they make a deal on this tariff will not experience any victimization. In addition, the UKOME decision for the price tariff; On the vehicle, the parents of the students were able to see the vehicle door on the right and left side windows.

 Vehicles to be followed by Metropolitan

In the statement stated by the parents that they can follow the vehicles via smart phone and computer, “With the School Service Vehicles Fleet Tracking System, which was started with the decision of the UKOME Board dated 28.07.2015 and numbered 2015 / 4-122, inspections were also meticulously by our municipality in the academic year 2018-2019. It will be carried out.  http://www.mugla.bel.tr Our parents who applied through the internet address will be able to easily follow the service vehicles carrying their children on their smartphones or computers ”.

According to the decision of the Provincial Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), 2018-2019 school service vehicle price tariff is as follows;


Transport Distance 2018-2019 Education Period

Applicable Ceiling Fee

0-1 (inclusive) 150,00 TL
1-3 (inclusive) 170,00 TL
3-5 (inclusive) 195,00 TL
5-7 (inclusive) 200,00 TL
7-9 (inclusive) 220,00 TL
9-11 (inclusive) 235,00 TL
11-13 (inclusive) 245,00 TL
13-15 (inclusive) 260,00 TL
15 for km per km 3,50 TL


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