Modern Taxi Stations in Taxi Shop in Malatya

Mayor Polat: t In order to increase the living standards of our tradesmen, we allocate our taxi stops which are suitable for urban aesthetics in Malatya and allocate them to our taxi drivers.

Three of the modern taxi stops, which were made by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide service to the traders of T commercial plate cabins in a comfortable, comfortable and decent environment, were put into service.

Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, Deputy Mayor Ali Yıldırım, Chairman Advisor Mehmet Güner, some head of department and branch managers attended to the program of the 3 pieces which were completed at Emeksiz Alt Junction.

Taxi Thanks to President Polat

. We thank the Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat for his help with the taxi drivers.

”Taxi tradesman 7 / 24 at the service of the Malateans“

Mayor Polat stated that they have allocated beautiful and modern taxi stands as the Metropolitan Municipality and added: ine We increase the life standards of our tradesmen and our taxi stops that are suitable for the city aesthetics in Malatya. Taxi shopkeepers are at every hour of the day with 7 / 24 at the service of the Malateans and they are constantly in dialogue with our fellow citizens. Taxi tradesmen are trying to serve under difficult conditions. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we aimed to provide taxi drivers with a comfortable and comfortable service with these modern stops. Büyük

President Polat, after the construction was completed and the taxi driver was allocated to the shopkeepers, drink tea with the taxi driver. sohbet He.

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