Mersin, 3 in the Rail System Project

CHP Serdal Kuyucuoğlu, rail system project, Burhanettin Kocamaz'a Mayor was loaded on. Kuyucuoğlu stated that the project has been behind the 3 year and stated that the project will not be accepted.

Senior Engineer Transportation Expert Serdal Kuyucuoğlu, who was 26th Term Mersin Deputy from CHP and announced his candidacy for Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate from his party, paid a visit to Mersinhaberci newspaper. For a while with Yüksel Ekici, the general coordinator of the newspaper sohbet Mr. Kuyucuoğlu answered our questions about the candidate nomination process and the works of the metropolitan city. Sharing his evaluations about the financial structure of the Metropolitan Municipality, transportation and landscaping plan projects, Kuyucuoğlu was uploaded to MHP's Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, especially regarding the rail system project. "At the end of the three-year preparatory ministry went to Turkey with a system never been tested. Although they knew the approach of the Ministry regarding different systems, they presented the project ”said Kuyucuoğlu, and expressed his reaction with the following sentences. "Turkey has a rail system in the city now 3, not everyone installs a new system based on their head. Because there is a developing industry regarding the systems here. If you install different systems, you will prevent the development of this industry. On top of that, so many mistakes are made and then they come out and say that the bureaucracy is obstructing me. But no one should be sorry, you should have thoroughly researched and evaluated and developed a system accordingly. "

Stating that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality made an evaluation regarding the financial structure and the final status of the ongoing projects, Kuyucuoğlu noted that their programs are ready if they are selected. Stating that the biggest problem in the city is the transportation in their public opinion polls, Kuyucuoğlu said, “We offer many suggestions to the people who have been mayors for years to solve the transportation problems. During the period we were in, we made important warnings especially about intersection arrangements. Metropolitan is doing some work, thank you for these. However, as we did in previous periods, we were very late, especially with regard to the public transportation and rail system. I conveyed my first thoughts about the establishment of the rail system to our mayor in 1989. Unfortunately, this project was not given due importance either in that period or in the following periods. Finally, although the mayor who came in this period highlighted this issue, he was able to make only the project tender after a period of 4 years. ”

Kuyucuoğlu, who was burdened with Burhanettin Kocamaz, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that although he knew that Kocamaz would not be accepted, he presented the project to the Ministry and naturally the project was not accepted. Kuyucuoğlu also criticized Kocamaz for throwing the blame at the bureaucrats. If you want to solve problems in good faith, you can solve them. If you use the resources in a useful way and go with a good and correct project, you will not have a problem. The current management of the rail system in our country will do the untried monorail system said. Although they knew the approach of the Ministry regarding different systems, they presented the project and naturally the project was not accepted. Turkey has now rail system but not everyone in 10 establishes a new system on his own. Because there is a developing industry related to these systems. If you install different systems, you will prevent the development of this industry. Therefore, the ministry has inevitably intervened and the project has not been accepted. If the project had been consulted with the ministry before the project was prepared, we would not lose so much years if the conditions were well established. On top of it, so many mistakes are made, and then the bureaucracy puts me in front of me. But I'm sorry that nobody had to do your research and evaluation before you develop a system. For this reason, they only break down your failures into bureaucracy and run away from the simplicity of the job. Bu

Kuyucuoğlu, who stated that they stay behind behind the unplanned urbanization in the city and will give an opportunity to health urbanization, and who are left behind in the master plan of development, said, m Mersin should grow as a planned city. These plans should be completed as soon as possible for this city to expand and grow in a healthy way. But the 4 / 1 millennium plans for the 5 central district, which ended in the last administration period, were handled again from the beginning and the city was behind 4 year. Now 5 years have already been worked in the previous period, 4 years in this period was worked again in total this plan cost 9 year. But during this time the city continued to grow at a rate of 30. More than a thousand plans and plans of the districts will be made. Planning works should be completed as soon as possible Planlama.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has increased the debt burden with improper and inappropriate projects Kuyucuoğlu, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality 400 million pounds, MESKI'nın 85 million euro debt, he said. Kuyucuoğlu warned that unless the budget is properly evaluated, Kuyucuoğlu said, yapan The debt burden of the metropolitan municipality is not in a position to be paid when other municipalities are examined. But here's the problem of not using the budget in the right place, at the right time and with the right projects. If you do wrong projects, you cannot raise money and your debt burden increases. In Mersin, it is done so that the necessary and needed is highly discussed. For example, they removed and rebuilt the coastal strip of 8 kilometers of Mersin. This coastline could be revised with smaller budgets, but the whole coast was dismantled and rebuilt. Are we a country so rich? If we had a lot of money you can do this kind of projects but we are not such a rich country ols

Giving information about his candidacy for candidate candidates, Kuyucuoğlu stated that they are trying to reach every sector and said: ın Mersin is a very different city with many different cultures and different political structures. We will ask for votes from all these sections of our political thinking. Because local elections are very different from the general elections. We want to vote for the right-wing, the leftist, the conservative. We do not only vote for the votes of our own party, but for all parties. If that happens, we believe we will succeed here. I personally think that Mersin will do better jobs with a good manager, it will be a more livable, richer and a city where democracy is rooted.

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