Downloaded on SCT Rates in Cars

With the new decree issued by President Erdoğan, the SCT rates were reduced in automotive. The discount varies between 3 thousand and 11 thousand 500 liras. car sales in Turkey are dropped in August 53 percent compared to the previous year, the request had come from the bosses SCT reduction.

After the decrease in vehicle sales, the SCT move came from AKP.

Following the change made in SCT, vehicles with a low price will experience a discount of 3 thousand TL and vehicles with a high price of 11 thousand TL.

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), sales of cars and light commercial vehicles in Turkey, announced that in August the previous year fell by 53 percent.

Cengiz Eroldu, Tofaş CEO, said in a statement he made recently, “There has been a severe decline in recent months. The domestic market, which closed at 2017 levels in 900, will fall to 600-650 thousand this year, unless the automotive sector is provided with support to stimulate the market. ”

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