Surprise for University Students at Izmir Bus Station

İzmir welcomes young people from other cities for university education with great hospitality as every year. An exemplary urban consciousness is exhibited within the scope of the project, "Izmir Embraces Youth," organized under the leadership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of district municipalities, non-governmental organizations and volunteers.

According to the results of the Transition to Higher Education Exam (YGS), those who reside in different cities than students who have been placed in universities in Izmir have begun to come to the city for registration. Thousands of students who came to İzmir every year to step into a new life during these periods were welcomed with an organization organized by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The project “Izmir Opens Laps to Young People”, which has been on the field since Monday, September 3, is running to help young people and their families get out of the buses with the first lights of the morning. Within the scope of the project, which started to reduce the concerns and help of new residents of the city coming from outside Izmir, enrolled in universities, students are welcomed with hot soup, tea and pastry in the first step they take to the city. The flowers, whose questions about accommodation and registration are answered, are delivered to their universities with free services. At the advisory tables established at the Dokuz Eylul and Katip Celebi universities and the Institute of High Technology, university students are provided with guidance on school enrollment and accommodation. Students are provided with brochures that have the location of the university, information about transportation, (metro-bus-ferry routes) housing and meeting social and cultural needs and social activities. Services such as free wi-fi and charging unit are also offered at the waiting point in the bus terminal.

Hand in hand for young people
In addition to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality units, the project will continue until 7 September,
The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life supports the Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation and the municipalities of Balçova, Bornova, Buca and Çiğli, which have a public university in their district. Students and their families, who encounter an unexpected interest in the bus station as soon as they arrive in the city, are extremely satisfied with the services provided. Families who stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality offers an exemplary service said that they want to see this practice in other cities as well.

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