Istanbul Airshow 2018 Begins

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International Civil Aviation and Airports Fair and Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform (ISTANBUL AIRSHOW 2018) have started.

The opening of the ISTANBUL AIRSHOW 150, where more than 4 companies will exhibit more than 40 aircraft for 2018 days, was attended by the Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, Chairman and General Manager Funda Ocak and many senior officials.

The fair, organized with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Defense Industry Directorate, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the General Directorate of Aviation and Space Technologies, and the State Airports Administration, opened the Atatürk Airport General Aviation Terminal.

After the speeches of Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii AŞ (TUSAŞ) Chairman Oğuz Borat and THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi, our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan took the floor.

Turhan said in his speech that the event is an important fair that brings together the world aviation industry and the aviation industry.


Turhan, from road to rail bridge country of Turkey, from ports to airports said they were crowned nearly 16 years in the transportation hub, he said they signed the historic success in the aviation sector.

In the last 16 year, the number of passengers served in airports increased from 35 million to 195 million, and the international flights started to fly to 316 points. Turhan reminded that they were flown to 60.

Turhan explained that the number of aircraft in the airlines increased from 162 to 510, and they increased the number of active airports from 26 to 55, and said that the number of countries with which they made civil aviation agreements rose to 170.

Turhan said, "We will have started a new era in aviation with our new airport to be opened by our President on 29 October."


Turhan, Turkey's aviation infrastructure and international capabilities of that increased with each passing day, said that they exerted great efforts to make the technology they use is however also national.

“Our aim in the aviation and space industry is to be the country that imports technology; to be the country that produces, develops and exports technology. ” Turhan said, completing his words as follows:

“We have come a long way in the production of domestic and national aircraft. In our new airport with a capacity of 200 million passengers, it is no longer a dream for our domestic and national production aircraft to land and take off, hopefully we will also see those days. Even though our dreams are somebody's nightmare, we will not go out of our way. I congratulate everyone who contributed to the realization of this fair, which I believe will contribute to the development of the aviation industry. ”

Acting President FUAT OKTAY: "TURKEY by producing IIIA and sihai OPENING moving towards the global market. BECOMING FAST. ”

In his speech, Acting President Fuat Oktay expressed his happiness at the fair as a person who worked in the civil aviation sector.

Oktay stated that Istanbul is hosting a new organization that brings together the business world in civil aviation, both in the field of airports, on the basis of airports and in the creation of the aviation industry's supply chain, right after TEKNOFEST, which is a highly successful organization. Oktay stated that this is only a temporary interest occurs a week before "This is Turkey's interest that this matter is extremely stable, and is the biggest indicator that would walk to the end," he said.

Explaining that this organization, where more than 150 companies and 40 aircraft will be exhibited this year, plays an important role in bringing together the players of the global aviation industry, Oktay said, “I would like to thank the international aviation community for its support for 22 years. With the superior performance of Turkish civil aviation in the past 15 years, Istanbul Airshow has come a long way since 2, when it was organized with only 1996 aircraft ”.

Oktay emphasized that Istanbul's rapid progress on becoming one of the aviation centers of the world was remarkable in this period, and said:

“The efforts put forward in the aviation sector bear fruit. When all stages are completed, the countdown has begun for the new airport of Istanbul, which will be one of the 3 largest airports in the world. On June 21, our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made his first landing at our third airport. It has shown the world how safe it is. Hopefully, on October 29, the first phase of our airport will be completely finished and put into service. Our target for this important work with a capacity of 90 million per year is to reach the capacity of 2023 million passengers in 200. In addition, it is anticipated that the new airport will create additional direct and indirect employment opportunities for 225 thousand people. Turkey will become the new center and the charm of the island's civil aviation sector. Our new airport will be our brand beyond being our prestige. "

Turkey's aviation industry development and potential of pride that expresses Oktay in, he said: "Turkey, found that in terms of geographical location as of the air route network in Asia, plays a natural hub office in Europe and Africa at the intersection point. Especially when we look at Istanbul as a natural hub, we can reach over 3 countries within 40 hours of flight, and over 5 countries with 60 hours of flight. Turkey's geographical and strategic location, population density, economic abilities and possibilities of aviation in terms of tourism, is an important catalyst. For this reason, our governments have attached a great importance to aviation in the last 16 years and have provided a success story. Liberalization was made in domestic and international lines with rapid steps. Within this framework, THY is also privatized. As a result of these liberalization policies, passenger, cargo and air traffic carried by air have increased approximately 2003 times since 5. This vision of air transport in Turkey gives the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 30 countries, ranking rose to 10th rank. "

Oktay pointed out that THY, which has been flying to 16 destinations in 2003 countries in 50 with the transformation and efforts in the last 60 years, has made flights to 120 destinations in 316 countries today. he added these points to the flight network of our growing airlines. While the number of registered passenger aircraft reached 170 from 167, our total 511 million passenger traffic in 2003 reached 34 million in 2017. Our innovative policies in the last 200 years and 'Every Turkish citizen will board the plane at least once in his life'. or 16 million citizens traveled by plane for the first time as a result of achieving our 'Airline People's Way' goals. This has become completely widespread throughout the country, and now the airline journey has become a normal, ordinary journey. In this process, it was important to offer more options for the competition, the reduction of ticket prices and the choice of airline for travel. ”


Acting President and Vice President Fuat Oktay, of the civil aviation sector, was passed about 200 thousand direct employees and a turnover of about 20 billion dollars of business and tourism areas with Turkey is one of the most strategic area that connects the world.

The experience of Turkey, the global civil aviation voicing want to share so that the benefits Oktay, "this vision of ICAO's' No country left behind" policy, meaning 'behind will not be anyone, stay up' policy, we support and in this context, especially African countries We believe that success will increase by sharing the experience gained in the field of civil aviation with many countries. ” said.

These developments are in line with the ICAO's membership in the council is a member since Turkey foundation 66 years after Oktay explaining again that the elected, he continued: "Turkey is constantly growing and have a voice in the growing aviation industry and international air transportation policy has become a country. Turkey's 2023 aviation planning in the number of our large-bodied aircraft to 750, while the number of our passengers, we aim to reach 300 million. Today, with the ability to track the level of production Turkey, a medium-sized passenger aircraft project has also started production again. In addition to all these developments, economic and tourism activities, in which the civil aviation sector of our country is at the forefront, have gained momentum and 2018 has been a record year in our country. Turkey's Istanbul Airshow this point he reached in the civil aviation International Civil Aviation and Airports Exhibition in 2018 as an international platform with our stakeholders and shared with other countries, is undoubtedly of great importance. "

Oktay, thanking the organizing ministry and the relevant general directorates, said, “I want the Istanbul Airshow 2018 International Civil Aviation and Airports Fair to strengthen the unity of power that is the basic need of the global aviation system for flight safety and aviation security. I wish this organization to strengthen our country's aviation industry, encourage our young people to the limitless and safe world of aviation, and be instrumental in many successful collaborations. ” used expressions.

Following his speech, Oktay visited the booths of the organizations participating in the fair together with the Minister Cahit Turhan and received information about the works.


Acting President Fuat Oktay and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan visited DHMİ booth and visited our General Manager Funda Ocak for a while. sohbet they did.

Source: DHMİ

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