International Intermodal Logistics Summit was held in Samsun

Samsun Logistics Center, located in Tekkeköy district, hosted the International Intermodal Logistics Summit. Many public institution officials and business people participated in the program of Samsun logistics center and logistics network in Turkey in a better position to bring ideas were discussed. Speaking in Samsun Logistics Center General Manager Temel Reconciliation Summit, not only the center of Samsun, Black Sea and said it was also a very important trading and logistics center for Turkey.

Silence and the National Anthem made the opening speech of the program started with the Samsun Logistics Center General Manager Temel Reconciliation, central not only in Samsun, Black Sea and also said that it is a very important trading and logistics center for Turkey.

Salih Zeki Murzioğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, underlined that countries and cities should produce to compete not for themselves, but on a global scale. Therefore, the competitive environment has been moved to the global level. Competition at the global level compels better production to be better prepared and delivered more quickly. It also requires maintaining and increasing its market share in international markets, providing input to low cost, and supplying production on time to international competitive prices without delay.

Samsun Logistics Center, which we are in, will provide us with the requirements. Before the winner of this Samsun, Turkey will be then. We have made great effort and effort from the year we were founded. We have achieved a significant step by providing a logistics center with high standards in our country. Our goal now is that this center is one of the most important actors contributing to the development of our country's logistics sector. For this reason, we want the national and international large-scale companies in the sector to be under this roof. Our efforts and efforts are at this point. Ç

The logistics sector in Turkey and in the world that is growing more and more every day, save the Governor Osman Cream, "In parallel, it is understood better by the day potential of the logistics sector. The increase in world trade and globalization increase the importance of logistics. In the new international economic process, logistics services of enterprises need infrastructures that they can take integrated instead of traditional methods. In this process, logistics centers that can meet this need come to the fore. Therefore, the construction of our Samsun Logistics Center is seen as a timely and necessary investment. Dolayısıyla

Samsun four different means of transport, indicating that the structure and seven Organized Industrial Zone houses the Governor Osman Cream, "is the starting point of the freight corridor as well as the importance of Turkey in the international north-south and east-west axes. Samsun Logistics Center Project is a project implemented as a result of our executives who are forward-looking, have a broad vision and are aware of Samsun's potential in this field. The first seeds of the project were sown on the inadequate logistic storage areas of Samsun Port. After searching the alternative exit point, it was decided to establish a logistics center in Samsun. Tekkeköy has been determined as the most suitable address for the establishment of the logistic village as a result of the feasibility studies conducted according to the land slope and physical conditions, as well as road, railway and proximity to the port. Tekkekoy project location in the town, in the field in Turkey as a result of the feasibility study conducted by a team of leading experts from the alternative was selected from among five different places. " said.

Governor Osman Kaymak continued his speech by saying, Merkez Samsun Logistics Center Project, Samsun Governorship, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Tekkeköy Municipality, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samsun Mercantile Exchange, Samsun Central Organized Industrial Zone and Central Black Sea Development Agency. developed. The project presented in the 2011 of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program (RCOP) of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology was found successful. The negotiations eventually came up to 43 million euro budget, Turkey's highest budget is already one major project.

Logistics Center, 37.500 m2 warehouse with 15 m170.000 area of ​​different size, 2 m670 land, social and administrative building, commission office building, fire station, service stations, loading-unloading systems, gas station, two vehicle measurement building, two security building, roads, auto and truck parking areas and railways. The total area is about 2 bin mXNUMX.

Together with the project, wholesalers, traders, tradesmen and SMEs will benefit from storage facilities, loading unloading areas, social facilities and administrative buildings. The project will also provide support to thousands of people in the economic sense. The project will create value for businesses not only in Samsun but also in many cities of Anatolia, in the hinterland of TR83 Region, Black Sea region and Samsun port.

Works on the construction, consultancy, procurement and technical assistance components of the project have been completed. Within the scope of technical assistance, training programs have been organized for the preparation of the necessary human resources for the sector in which the logistics center's management plan and human resources processes are studied. Logistics machinery and equipment to be used in the services to be provided in the village have been provided Logistics Center 2018 began operations as of September. Sağlan He said.

Saying that the closing protocol of the project was signed as of 04.09.2018, Governor Osman Kaymak said,, Thus, the transfer of the facility from the Central Black Sea Agency to the Samsun Logistics Center Inc. has been completed. The first tenant of the facilities was British American Tobacco. The company has rented and used 2.500 m2 2 medium-sized warehouse. During the signature phase of the project contract, TCDD received the commitment to build, maintain and repair the Samsun-Çarşamba railway line in order to serve the Samsun Logistics Center. " said.

Governor Osman end of the slider speech, "In this context, both in making the Logistics Center, which provides funding and technical support Science Industry Technology Ministry and the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the project would like to thank the partners and their contribution and support to all volunteers.

Friends, Samsun Logistics Center Project is planned with the common mind. Successful execution of this common sense project is the responsibility of all of us. We are waiting for the contribution of all Samsun people who will support this project. Our center is good for our province, our region and our country.

In addition, I would like to thank all my colleagues and the participants who organized this organization today. I hope that this meeting will contribute to the development of our Samsun Logistics Center and the development of our city's economy. I am greeting all of you. Hep

After the speeches, Atilla Yıldıztekin, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultant, and RİKVAN Haliloğlu, Board Member of UTIKAD, International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association made a presentation.

In addition to the International Intermodal Logistics Summit program, Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ömer, Mr. Göksel Ömer, the Mayor of Tekkeköy, Mr. Hasan Togar; representatives of relevant public institutions and organizations, representatives of non-governmental organizations and businessmen participated.

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