High Speed ​​Line From Hong Kong to China Opened

It announced yesterday that the Hong Kong part of the Guangcou-China-Hong Kong train connection, which has reduced the travel time between Beijing, the capital of China and Hong Kong, to nine hours, was put into service yesterday.

High-speed train services connecting Hong Kong to China started. The Guangcou-Shincin-Hong Kong line, which was opened after months of 'assimilation' discussions in the country, reduces the travel time between Beijing, the capital of China and Hong Kong, to nine hours.

There are direct flights between Hong Kong and 200 destinations on the mainland with trains running on the hour with 44 kilometers.

The new railway links directly to China's 25-kilometer-long high-speed rail network.

At this point, there will be serious economic benefits for the two sides, including tourism.
"Hong Kong's assimilation will increase"

Hong Kong officials say the project is critical to the economic development of the region, where people and services will increase circulation.

However, there are concerns that the project, which cost 11 billion dollars in the region, will increase the assimilation of the former British colony of Hong Kong and its loyalty to China.

Immigration officials from China work at the main station, which was opened. It is stated that with this project, the Beijing administration is trying to strengthen the integration of Hong Kong with the Pearl River Delta, which is considered one of the important production centers in mainland China.

1.5 68 XNUMX region with a national income of millions of dollars is very important for China to host.

Source : I tr.euronews.co

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