Gaziantep residents are satisfied with the Cemetery Crossroads

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has opened the Cemetery Junction Bridge before the Feast of Sacrifice, has gained the satisfaction of the citizens and provided the traffic flow in D-400-İpekyolu.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is the architect of the change and transformation with the important decisions it took in transportation, gained appreciation with the intersection works carried out in order to save the Gaziantep people from the chaos of traffic.

Especially in the work of expanding the Cemetery Junction Bridge, the Gaziray-Metro road was paved and the 4 provided traffic flow through the service for months.

Drivers using the Cemetery Junction Bridge reported on the subject: ler D ulaşım The Cemetery Junction on the 400-İpekyolu is an important transportation corridor in both the city and city center, where the city's traffic is paralyzed if traffic does not flow at this point. For years, this region was blocked before the religious holidays. As a result of a professional study, the Metropolitan has completed a great work by expanding the Cemetery Junction Bridge without causing the people to be victimized. Believe us, we have not realized whether there is work here or not, we have a modern junction. In our city where the number of vehicles increases every year, there is a need for wide roads and such intersections. The cemetery junction, which relieves the urban traffic, saved the Gazianteplileri from the chaos of traffic. Traffic fluidity was achieved, waiting time in traffic decreased. We are very pleased. God bless the authorities, who really gave the city a glorious, prestigious, modern intersection. The metropolitan municipality is worthy of the vision of the city, has made a European intersection according to the standards, we thank everyone who contributed.,



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