Factories Established by Necmettin Erbakan

Necmettin Erbakan, for the first time in the year 1956 Silver Engine began to serve our country. He then took part in coalition governments in the years 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977. “100 will produce a thousand engines, herkes everyone said,“ Hodja flew again, dreams, pink dreams, pembe he said. Dozens of factories were established, mainly Sanlı factories such as Tümosan, Taksan, Temsan, Testaş and Gerkoksan. The year 2018 has passed the full 41 year from the break. Currently Turkey 1.5 million per year domestic car but we also produces all of our engines of these vehicles and engines imported ediyoruz.o başlas time to produce industrial machinery we today national brand cars, our planes would also be producing ourselves.

Here are the foundations laid in the time of Erbakan Hodja

The foundations laid in 1974:

  • Konya Kulu Salt Factory
  • Afyon Sugar Factory
  • Afyon Meat and Fish Authority
  • Kütahya Yarn Factory
  • Yozgat Cement Factory
  • Malatya Yarn Factory
  • Hakkâri Yüksekova Dairy Factory
  • Siirt Milk Factory
  • Trabzon Cheese Butter Factory

Foundations in 1975:

  • Mardin Cement Factory
  • Bilecik Ceramic Factory
  • Bilecik Söğüt Ceramic Factory
  • Antalya Battery Factory
  • Foundation of Zigana Tunnel
  • Mardin Nusaybin Yarn Factory
  • Mardin Mazıdağı Cheese Butter Factory
  • Konya Particle Board Factory

Foundations in 1976:

  • Kırıkkale Steel Drawing Pipe Factory
  • Adapazarı Feed Factory
  • Adapazarı Başak Tractor Factory
  • Sivas Gemerek Steel Construction Factory
  • Şanlıurfa Agriculture Machinery Factory
  • Mardin Small Industrial Site
  • Afyon Bolvadin Alkolite Factory
  • Kütahya Paper Factory
  • Bilecik Bozüyük Ceramic Expansion Factory
  • Adıyaman Cement Factory
  • Adıyaman Machinery Factory
  • Afyon Sugar Factory
  • Afyon Paper Factory
  • Afyon Meat and Fish Authority
  • Afyon Alkolite Factory
  • Afyon Heavy Machinery Factory
  • Agri Sugar Factory
  • Amasya Heavy Machinery Factory
  • Ankara Organized Industrial Zone
  • Ankara Construction Machinery Factory
  • Ankara Terminal Power Plant
  • Antalya Cement Factory
  • Artvin Paper Factory
  • Aydın Fertilizer Factory
  • Balıkesir Paper Factory
  • Bilecik Bearing Industry
  • Bingöl Cement Factory
  • Bitlis Cement Factory
  • Bitlis Cigarette Factory
  • Bolu Wood Industry Factory
  • Burdur Tractor Factory
  • Bursa Automobile Factory
  • Cankiri Heavy Equipment
  • Çorum Sugar Factory
  • Çorum Heavy Machinery Factory
  • Denizli Cement Factory
  • Denizli Sugar Factory
  • Diyarbakır Cement Factory
  • Diyarbakır Tobacco Industry Factory
  • Diyarbakır Meat Combination
  • Diyarbakir Electro-Mechanical Industry
  • Elazığ Organized Industry
  • Elazığ Weaving Factory
  • Elazig Electro-Mechanical Industry
  • Elazig Wire Drawing Industry
  • Elazig Map Steel

Foundations in 1977:

  • Bolu Gerede Steel Construction and Equipment Factory
  • Kastamonu Integrated Paper Factory
  • Kayseri Cement Factory
  • Kayseri Universal Machine Tools Industry
  • Kayseri Universal Machine Tools Industry
  • Kayseri Tank Renovation Factory
  • Kırklareli Agricultural Machinery Industry
  • Kırşehir Rubber Factory
  • Kırşehir Machine Tools Industry
  • Konya Fertilizer Factory
  • Konya Tractor Factory
  • Konya Sugar Factory
  • Konya Tractor Renovation Factory
  • Kütahya Cement Factory
  • Malatya Palletizing Plants
  • Malatya Transformer Factory
  • Malaya Electro Mechanical Industry
  • Manisa Tobacco Industry
  • Manisa Cement Factory
  • Kahramanmaraş Cement Factory
  • Kahramanmaraş Elbistan Sugar Factory
  • Mardin Fertilizer Factory
  • Mardin Sugar Factory
  • Mardin Tractor Factory
  • Muğla Cement Factory
  • Mugla Tobacco Industry
  • Muğla Thermal Power Plant
  • Muş Sugar Factory
  • Nevsehir Powertrain Industry
  • Nigde Carpet Industry
  • Nigde Truck Engines Industry
  • Hatay İskenderun Cement Factory
  • Kütahya Soma Fertilizer Factory
  • Van Sugar Factory
  • Rize Ship Diesel Engine Industry

He was the most patriotic person to think of his country. He devoted his life to industrializing. During his short stay in power, he did what important services, but no one could understand him. Those who understand always put obstacles in front of them.


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  1. erbakan was like a man of the statesman was a man of spirit

  2. erbakan was like a man of the statesman was a man of spirit