Every 1 Penny In Qatar Boosts Treasury-Guaranteed Projects


With the build-operate-transfer model, with the guarantee of the treasury, and the contracts made at the exchange rate of the bridges, tunnels and airports, the increase in our 1 dime in exchange rate leads to an increase of 310 million pounds.

CHP Party Assembly Member and Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, build-operate-transfer model, with the guarantee of a treasure built by the bridge, tunnel and airport contracts on the exchange rate due to the damage suffered by the country has brought the agenda.

SözcüFrom Ugur Enc According to the news Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) that the research proposal on behalf of the CHP group deputy with friends Akar, has demanded an investigation of the damage.


Expressing that the 1-cents rise in foreign currency borrowed the country for another 310 million liras, Akar used the following statements in his research proposal:

Especially in the projects implemented in recent years, there are large differences between the Treasury guarantees and vehicle transition guarantee figures, and this brings great burdens to our nation. For example, for the Izmit Bay Crossing (Osmangazi Bridge), which was built with the build-operate-transfer model, a contract was signed on March 15, 2013 and the contractor company was given the right to operate for a total of 22 years and 4 months (until July 15, 2035). For the Osmangazi bridge, the cost of which was 2013 billion 1 million dollars (300 billion 2 million TL) in 355, 40 thousand vehicle passes are guaranteed by the treasury to the operating company.


However, a daily 40 thousand vehicle warranty has not been achieved despite a year passed. The number of vehicles for a year guaranteed for Osmangazi Bridge was 14 million 600 thousand, the number of vehicles passed 2017 million in 5, and the vehicle that did not exceed 9 million 600 thousand. The transition fee, which was set as 35 dollars + VAT in the contract and was 37,5 dollars, was set as 2 TL as of January 2017, 131, and 2 TL as of January 2018, 140. It was 2017 TL and the payment of this difference by the treasury turned the bridge into the Deli Dumrul Bridge. Due to the treasury guarantee in 65,65, only the amount that the state should pay to the operating company for Osmangazi Bridge has reached 2018 billion 71 million.


Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the number of vehicles guaranteed annually was 49 million 275 thousand, the number of vehicles passed 15 million, and the vehicle that did not exceed 34 million. Again, due to the Treasury guarantee, the treasury was forced to pay over 400 million to the company for a year. Eurasia Tunnel; The number of vehicles guaranteed annually was 25 million, the number of vehicles passed 15 million and the number of vehicles not exceeding 10 million, while the burden on the treasury in 2017 was 123 million TL. Looking at only two bridges and the Eurasia Tunnel, it is seen that the treasury will make a payment to the operating companies as much as the cost of the Osmangazi Bridge by the end of the year. When other build-operate-transfer projects are taken into consideration, it is seen that the loss will grow even more in the coming years, and it is obvious that the treasury will be more difficult to overcome this burden in the future and it will be returned to our citizens as new taxes.


Again, the number of passengers at the airports and the number of passengers remained far away, only at Zafer Airport, which showed that the treasury, which guarantees 2 euros for each passenger at domestic and 10 euros at international flights, has a guarantee number of 6 million 5 in 211 years. The number realized was only 215 thousand people. This caused the treasury to pay 6m euros to the operating firm after 27 years. Because of the picture in these projects, the government had to allocate 6,3 billion lira for a year. It is evident that the amount of 30, 40, 50 billion will be paid to the operating companies over the years, with the introduction of city hospital projects. The points I have mentioned above also show that the treasury guarantees and vehicle guarantee in the build-operate-transfer models cause a great public damage. In order to prevent this and take necessary measures, opening a parliamentary investigation is essential.


According to the determination of the Central Bank, the total of treasury guarantees is 31 billion dollars. In this case, the burden of every 1 cent increase in the exchange rate on the treasury guarantees is TL 310 million due to the treasury. In line with the reasons I have summarized, in accordance with the 98 of the Constitution, Articles 104 and 105 of the Constitution for the purpose of uncovering public losses in public private cooperation and build-operate-transfer models, deficiencies of the feasibility studies carried out, real costs of these projects, determination of errors in the contracts and taking necessary measures I kindly present the opening of the parliamentary investigation.

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