Tramway Project Work Started in Erzincan

The work of the tram project began. The ministry went on the final project tender for the tram project. The Swedish company Sweco was awarded the tender.

The staff of the Ministry, the consultancy staff and the company started the field studies and ground surveys are carried out on the route. Station locations are determined. Map measurements were made. Preparing projects for architectural works. The company will deliver the project to the Ministry within a few months, and the Ministry will be awarded the tender.

Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy made a statement on the subject. UM As promised, we are happy to bring the 24 project to life. Everybody sees the difference between Erzincan and today's Erzincan. We will take Erzincan 100 year forward with the tram project we have implemented today. We will have left a more livable Erzincan for future generations. Good luck to our city. Ize


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