Domestic and National Tire Brand Lastik Petlas li

During the Cyprus Peace Operation, the American embargo on the warplanes could not be found in the search for a cure was sought, finally Czechoslovakia's successful tire manufacturer Barum was understood by transferring technology was made in 1974 Petlas installed, but due to known barriers to production was only in 1976. 1989 was among the SEEs that suffered continuous losses.

Abdulkadir Özcan Group, which devotes the biggest investment to R & D since 2005 where it bought Petlas, has increased the company's 20 times. Petlas, Turkey's first and only military aircraft that can produce the rubber tire factory location. Petlas is the first choice brand in the domestic auto industry, using tires in the defense industry's F4, F16, National Helicopter, BMC Hedgehog, Cobra and many other tires.

Mainly exporting to over a hundred countries all over the world, including in Europe and abroad, serving more than xnumx'y dealers across Turkey's tire industry leading provider of domestic capital Petlas, first 850 2017 500 c between Turkey's request. queue 95 is the employer's national tire company that manufactures in Kırşehir.

PETLAS has invested more than 3 billion in the company with its own resources. The company devotes its annual 6 to research and development, and is now challenging all brands of the world with its smart tires produced with domestic technology.

The Petlas factory has fully equipped production facilities, an R & D laboratory, a tire test center and a test track. Petlas, Turkey's first tractor radial tire, the first Run-Flat Tires, First Full Steel Construction Tires, Military Tires, Aircraft tires, Full Steel Bus / Truck Tires by producing its sole knowledge and trained intellect and labor in Turkey .

Net sales of 2017 billion in 1,4 and 2017 exports reached 168 million in XNUMX.

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