Minister Praises the Vent in Çorlu Train Disaster

25 who died in the Çorlu train disaster, the CHP answered the questions of the Minister Cahit Turhan, "Culvert 145 years doing the task," he said.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, 25 people died in a train disaster in Corlu CHP Tekirdag lawmakers gave similar answers to questions.

Turhan stated that the rainfall took place on a very short time in a very short period of time and that the line took place in an invisible amount since the opening of the line. Meyen Since the year 1873 was opened, it has fulfilled its mission completely. Kazan Turhan stated that the line segment of the accident was not covered by the risky regions. Üzerinde Moreover, the road guards do not wait in the same place and they control the distance of approximately 145 km on the line and go on foot. This method will not be a hundred percent solution in sudden and sudden development, and after the passage of the guard, events can occur. Bu

Reaction from CHP

CHP Tekirdağ deputy Ilhami Ozcan Aygun said, görev The incision of the boiler has been fulfilling its mission for 145 years and it has been said that there has been no accident up to now. This scientific approach, which is far from scientific, already summarizes the cause of the accident. Bilimsel Aygun, the accident in the region 145 for such a rainfall is not seen in the defense of this year, recalled, yapıl If this hypothesis is true in the continuous rainfall in the United Kingdom should be a continuous train accident. Moreover, if you do not renew and maintenance according to the requirements of the age in 145 annual vents, you cannot cover your crime by taking shelter in the natural phenomenon men. Aygun, noted that only contradictory answers given to the question that is one way watchman 39 in Turkey. Minister Turhan, on the one hand da road sergeant, road control officer N names such as removed names, indicating that the name is changed Aygun, ası But on the other hand, the railroad system in the control of the railroad system 100 is not a solution, the road guard after the events occurred. he says he came. It was an accident because you broke down the road guard system you don't believe in. İnan

Appointment for advanced date to the wounded

CHP Ilhami Ozgun Aygun, after the accident, the expert report, the accident lost the families of those who lost their lives, said: il Look at the state's safest way to take the train, the accident in Corlu and injured many of our citizens are given a day for treatment of advanced dates. The Rector of Trakya University is insensitive. I called the Minister of Health to solve the problem. I urge the state to take care of our injured citizens. Devlet

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