Çorlu Train Crunch

corlu train accident expert report laundering tcddyi cope
corlu train accident expert report laundering tcddyi cope

It has been 2,5 months since the train disaster in the town of Sarılar in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. However, families who sacrificed their young daughters to the disaster are still waiting for justice to manifest and accountability. The National Channel screened the deep mourning of the painful families in their homes.

Sena Köse was one of the 25 victims we lost in the train disaster in the district of Çorlu in Tekirdağ. He was still an 16.

300 injured our citizen, 25 lost our lives from the accident back, Sena's songs and the painful families left the drama.

In the spring of their lives, the 23 Age Nur Dikmen, 13 Age Gülce Dikmen and 16 Sena Köse's families opened their doors to the National Channel. Families, 2,5 for months in front of the justice account waiting for accountants.

Before the accident Çerkezköy-When the transportation time between the bridge from 4 to 2 hours reduced how the question is waiting for the answer.

They can't forget the horrible scenery and help coming after them.

The position of the accident is due to negligence and insecurity.

Painful families believe that no accidents were taken from the accident and that they were invited to new accidents because of the same negligence.

The Dikmen and Köse families, who have sacrificed their daughters to a terrible accident, have only one more family, the same pain, the necessary measures to prevent the loss of other lives and justice.

Families who are suing are now waiting for the judicial process to begin.

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