Condolence Visit from President Yüksel to the Family of Ersen Gül, who died in a train accident

Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel 8 30, who lost his life in a train-crash accident in Sarılar district in July, paid a condolence visit to his home in the Velimeşe neighborhood of Ersen Gül.

8 25, who was born in Van province, lost his life in a train crash in July. 30 visited Ersen Gül's wife who was in Velimeşe. In the condolence visit, Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel, along with the Republican People's Party, Ergene District President, Erdinç Irel, District Administration and Women's Branches took part.

Ergene Mayor Rasim Yuksel Gul head to the family of health as the Ergene Municipality, they are always close to them, any requests and needs of the Municipality of Ergene can apply to the service building located in the neighborhood Velimese said.

Hatice Gül's wife Hatice Gül, who thanked the Mayor of Ergene Rasim Yüksel for his support and visit, stated that the children were responsible for the train crash where their father was killed and he wanted them to get the necessary punishment.

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