Bursa-Ankara Road is safer

Death and injury incidents as a result of the impact of the impact of the impact of the impact of the steel barriers shattered by the impact on the driver or passengers, while the application of the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa replaces the steel barriers with concrete barriers.

The route of Ankara, which is located on the east-west axis of Bursa and made for transit in 1970, has become the busiest route of Bursa traffic over the years. In the occasional crashes on the road surrounded by the middle median steel barrier, steel barrier parts attached to the vehicles, rather than the severity of the accident, caused death or injury. In the case of property-damaged traffic accidents, the steel barriers were broken and broken, which also jeopardized traffic safety while also causing image contamination.

Safe and aesthetic

Kestel to Görükle, the only region in the absence of the Bursaray line between Gökdere and the City Square between the central median barriers are changed from the beginning by the Metropolitan Municipality. Steel barriers that threaten road safety from time to time are removed while concrete barriers are installed. In order to avoid traffic interruption, the work done between 01.00 and 06.00 hours will be completed in the night, while in the section between the two concrete barrier special landscaping arrangements will be made. Thus, the Ankara route will be more secure and more aesthetically pleasing.



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