BUDO with IDO Same Pier?

While the legal status of the port used by BUDO vessels of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Mudanya continued to be discussed, we got a striking information from BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar.

We have learned that the P allocation cancellation anı case opened by Mudanya Municipality of CHP for Mudanya Port, which was transferred to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by the decision of the Council of Ministers, actually covers a small area.

BURULAŞ General Manager Capar, Mudanya Municipality, the area of ​​the court in which the port contains a small area that allows passengers to enter the ships, the complete use of the pier is not in question, such as a complete cancellation, he said.

General Manager Çapar, who was the guest of the program Olay, on the evening of the Olay TV program, told us that the port was unfounded.

Will BUDO continue to use the Mudanya pier?

The Director-General also clarified to him.

As you know before, Mayor Alinur Aktas explained that they could build a new scaffolding for BUDO in Güzelyalı Embankment Park area in Güzelyalı.

Now maybe you won't have to.

BURULAŞ General Manager Capar, ownership of the right of use of the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality mayor of the late Hikmet Şahin İDO'ya transferred to the pier in Guzelyali BUDO ships may approach the port, he said.

He stated that they have met with İDO officials in İstanbul on the joint use of the pier and that they are approaching the demand warmly.

Çapar said that BUDO's use of the IDO pier might lead to a loss in the number of passengers, but would save the Metropolitan Municipality from the construction of a new scaffolding costing around 3 million pounds.

Both İDO and BUDO's Istanbul KabataşCapar, who noted that they will berth together at Martı Pier in.

While we found General Manager Çapar, we asked about Büyükçekmece flights.

The average passenger traffic on this route has fallen to 50, and BUDO has to move with at least 330 passengers in order to cope with operating costs. Therefore, they have canceled some flights of Büyükçekmece.

Çapar also said that the passenger averages are 320 and that they still cannot cope. He also stressed that the rumors that ini BUDO will be closed X are ın unfounded Şu.

Çapar, who announced that they sold all of the water bird planes in their hands after the canceled seaplane flights, explained that one of them had been sold for the purposes of common use for the Gulf inspection and the remaining two were given to Qatar.

He explained that the sales of airplanes to Qatar coincided with the fluctuation of the currency and that they earned a profit of at least one million TL from the exchange rate difference.

Çapar, they sell their old cars in Rotterdam hand as scrap, but also said Turkey's TÜVASAŞ of them get sold is currently suspended due to revised want to use some cities.

General Manager, the school is ready for the opening, winter tariffs, rehearsed, on Monday as a percentage of trains in the 10 reminded me of the reduction.

Çapar, Doğanköy City Hospital campus line with the entire signalization system of Bursaray'ın want to renew, emphasized the line rental model said on here.

General Manager Çapar stated that the application of microbus started on some lines and the productivity increased, and the preparations for the ongoing T-2 Line continued.

Çapar added that the fee collection system was renewed with a build-operate-transfer model to the 50 lower than the commission fee, which was paid through the ticket price until now.

Source: www.olay.com.t is - Ihsan Aydin



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