Bozuyuk Logistics Center Supply Works

tcdd auction result
tcdd auction result

In the tender for the Supply Construction of Bozüyük Logistics Center, which has a limit value of 2017 TL and an approximate cost of 389413 TL, of the Turkish State Railways General Directorate (TCDD) with the border number of KIK numbered 143.117.850,18/190.222.981,87, 6 companies awarded the tender and the tender was 152.800.000,00, UĞURSAL ELEKTRİK ELEKT. INS. MATERIAL. DIRTY. MED. MOB. BEY. SPOUSE. SINGING. VE TİC. A.Ş + ONH İNŞAAT TAHHÜT A.Ş. has won the joint venture.

Bidding, DEPARTMENT: Entrance Control Building, Customs Building, Scale Building, Logistics Management Building, Social Facility Building UNIT PRICE CHAPTER: Unit price includes the items specified in the proposal scale. The duration of the work is 500 (five hundred) calendar days from the place delivery.



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