Bomb Claims: Third Airport's Name Has Been Determined!

The opening will take place on October 29, and the name of the 3rd Airport remains unclear. Habertürk writer Sevilay Yılman also made a claim for the airport, which is three weeks before its opening. Yılman stated that the name of the airport will definitely be 'Abdülhamid Han'.

The question of what will be the name of the third airport in Istanbul, which is under construction and will be opened on October 29, is still unclear. kazanmade

An interesting claim came about the name that President Erdogan was expected to announce during the opening of the first international flight.


Habertürk writer Sevilay Yılman claimed that the name of the third airport would be Abdülhamid Han Airport, saying "according to the exact information I got from a reliable source".

Announcing his claim on Twitter, Yılman said, “I recently learned from a reliable news source that the name of the new airport, namely the 3rd airport, is definitely Abdulhamit Han. In other words, from now on, we will call it Abdulhamid Han Airport, not the Third Airport ”.

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