Driverless Freight Train Starts in Australia

an unmanned yuk train rides in Australia
an unmanned yuk train rides in Australia

An unfortunate freight train was derailed in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia, and a possible disaster was prevented.

According to the Tasmanian police, the uncontrolled unmanned freight train, which was out of control, was forced out of the derailment near Devonport and it was said that a possible catastrophe was undermined.

Police inspector Stuart Wilkinson said that the cement-laden train went at a speed of about 50 km an hour.

"Timing was obviously critical," says Wilkinson. The train was heading towards Devonport and it was necessary to inform the local residents that the train was heading in that direction. Unfortunately, two women were wounded, one woman walking down the road from the parts of the overturned wagons.


Source : www.milliyet

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