Agora Kadifekale Cable Car Project Provides Life Water to İzmir Tourism

Agora Kadifekale Cable Car Project
Agora Kadifekale Cable Car Project

📩 28/04/2021 21:17

The tourism potential of high tourism tourism in Izmir, highlighting the importance of Yaşar University Faculty Member Archeologist Prof. Dr. Recep Meriç reminded of the planned ropeway project from Agora to Kadifekale.

The recent increases in the exchange rates once again revealed the importance of tourism inputs. The tourism potential of high-quality tourism in Izmir, pointing out the importance of the Faculty Member of the Archaeologist Prof. Yaşar University. Dr. Recep Meriç reminded of the planned ropeway project from Agora to Kadifekale. Evaluating what the project can do to the city if the project is done. Dr. . It is very important to evaluate and diversify tourism at a time of economic problems. The Agora-Kadifekale Cable Car Project can be a very popular project for cruise tourism. Ag


The archaeologist who emphasized the importance of Kadifekale in terms of tourism. Dr. Recep Meriç said:'n The good evaluation of the empty spaces obtained by the urban transformation initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Kadifekale is of great importance for tourism. In connection with this, the opening of Kadifekale, which is called Pagos in antiquity, and the discovery of the ancient theater of the stadium and 20 thousand people, which has been the scene of historical events on it, protection and restoration of water structures such as baths, fountains and water canals. is one of the other important projects to be done. However, it is not possible to reach these values ​​on the slopes of Kadifekale because of the narrow roads in these neighborhoods. Ancak


Before implementing the project, which should be cooperated with the scientific institutions. Dr. Recep Meriç, erece This problem, Basmane, Agora, Kemeralti line will be determined by the experts on the route, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Presidency of Cultural Heritage Preservation Board can be approved. At this point, the ropeway project to Kadifekale, which is also included in the projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, is of great importance. If the cable car construction is discussed in a very participatory manner by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, local governments, universities and non-governmental organizations, a much better and more accurate project can be created. Such a project will connect a very large tourism center such as Kemeraltı to Kadifekale and take people from the harbor to Kadifekale without using a vehicle. Böyle


Touching on the technical solutions of the ropeway project, alternative solutions can be discussed. Dr. . If it is not technically possible to do the project or if the authorized committees do not allow this, escalating stairs can be adapted with the terracing system. Furthermore, it would be appropriate for this project to be a motor vehicle road planned for Kadifekale after Yeşildere. In Kadifekale, a ladder system that can be used on foot by people, and escalators in very steep places, as well as the necessary infrastructure units such as terraces, cafes and restaurants will be very useful. The fact that archeology museums are included in this integrated project will bring a new face to the culture and tourism of Izmir and increase the tourism revenues. Ar


Excavation Head of Smyrna Ancient City Assoc. Dr. Akın Ersoy also said that it supports the project. Ersoy, "Yesildere'dan Kadifekale'ye road to be done, connected to the tunnels of the Konak bus stops busy tourist buses can prevent the city from being caught," he said.

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