Debt Clearance in Bridges and Culverts

TCDD Auctions and tender results
TCDD Auctions and tender results

Adana Mersin between the bridge and culverts in the cleaning of the flow and arrangement of the flow of work

6 companies submitted the bid for the Debush Cleaning and Channel Arrangement of Bridges and Culverts Between Adana and Mersin with a limit value of 2018 TL and an approximate cost of 401459 TL, with the limit value of 336.721,54/542.367,77 KIK numbered 43/336.760,00 of the XNUMXth Regional Directorate of the Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD). Ahmet Deniz Topal with an offer of XNUMX TL kazanis gone. 17 firm participating in the tender submitted a bid below the limit value.

Tender 12942 m3 The machine covers the arrangement of stream beds at the entrance and exit of hydraulic structures in each section and width. The duration of the work is 45 (forty-five) calendar days from the place delivery.

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