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Çiğdem Toker, the Republican writer, criticized the tenders made through 3.havalimanı in his article titled ET Transportation to Transportation'n which was published today and stated that IETT has become a contracting authority.

All of Çiğdem Toker's article is as follows:
3 starting the countdown for opening. time to look at the issue of transport to the airport:
Ministry of Transport, Gayrettepe -3. the airport realized the tender at the end of 2016. In the days when currency exchange shows were going on, they received the invitation of the Senbay-Kolin partnership, which offered 999 million 769 thousand Euros for the tender by invitation method and Euro. That period will be 3.5 billion TL over the dry investment, 7.6 billion pounds over the current rates.

Ministry of Transport, 3. airport - Halkalı the metro tender was made in February 2018. Again, the tender was carried out with the invitation method of the 4 billion 294 million 713 thousand TL that offers the original structure-Kolin.
3 made on TL. airport-Halkalı When we bring the subway tender to the current exchange rate as over the Euro, we reach an investment value of about 7.2 billion TL. It can be said that the investment of two lines with a total length of 66 is approximately 15 billion TL. For now.

One meter rail system

Kolin Construction, citizen's 3. In addition to being the joint contractor of two major subway lines that will provide access to the airport, 3. İGA is one of the five companies that make up the airport.

On the other hand 3. The two major metro lines that will provide access to the airport are the companies other than Kolin, the companies that Özgün Yapı and Şenbay İnşaat are connected to the Bayburt Group, ie the companies of the same holding.
On the one hand,, the world's largest, airport investment, a one-meter rail system to be unable to prepare, what is unplanned, if not unfairness?

IETT contracting authority

The first metro line announced at the ministerial level, 2018 announced that the work will not go as planned, it was certain from the beginning that IETT a half-billion TL bus to carry out the tender.

3.In the year of 10, the 150 bus expedites the 18 bus over the XNUMX line; there is an answer to why it has become a contracting authority, while a rooted institution like IETT can do it itself.

Is it obligatory to transfer resources to private transportation companies if the option of transporting a certain 15 billion TL subway investment from the beginning will not end in time?

Or is it more expensive to organize and carry out the bus transportation work by IETT these days when the public savings song is recycled? The Treasury and Finance Ministry and the Presidency Strategy and Budget Presidency probably know the answer to this question.

We will live together and see the results of reaching the world's largest airport, burning pockets, filling crates and throwing inflation.

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